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Rewind offers daily, automated backups for Trello accounts, offering peace of mind and the ability to recover from any mistakes you or your coworkers make.

A couple of clicks can roll your Trello account back to a previous point

Automatic Backups

Your first complete Trello backup starts with the click of a button. Then, we’ll automatically backup your account at 12 AM your time each day, and on-demand backups cover you when you’re making changes.

Flexible Restores

Whether it’s an innocent mistake made by you or a team member, you can rewind boards, cards, actions, lists, and attachments back to a time when everything worked perfectly.

Get peace of mind in minutes

How to start your first backup

1. Add Rewind

Add Rewind from the Trello Power-Ups page and select a plan that works for you (all plans come with a 7-day free trial and a free plan is available).

2. Backup your account

Your first backup will begin right away and you’ll get an email notifying you when it’s done. You’ll get continued coverage with automatic daily backups and on-demand backups.

Restore your data with ease

We take care of the back-end

3. Weekly backup email

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a weekly email showing all of your backup activity.

4. Rewind items easily

Make a mistake or lose a ton of data? Rewind boards, cards, lists, actions, and attachments in a couple of clicks.

5. Need help?

Need help during a data crisis? With the largest engineering and support team in our space, we are here when you need us – over email, phone, and live chat.

A small investment for the peace of mind that comes with a protected account

800+ 5-star reviews in the Shopify app store and BigCommerce app store

"The app does exactly what it says it does"


The app does exactly what it says it does and works well. We have tested it by deleting a group of products on purpose and then instantly rewinding them to their original state. The backup is automatic and occurs daily seamlessly. Set it and forget it until you need it.”


David King