Q: Help! I accidentally deleted a transaction in QuickBooks Online – how do I restore it?


So we’ve got some bad news and good news for you…

Bad News – Intuit can’t recover a single account back to a previous point in time or recover just a selection of your data. This means that once you delete a transaction, there’s no way for Intuit to restore it.

Intuit maintains the disaster recovery backups for their entire infrastructure. But they lack the ability to restore data on an individual account level. For example, they wouldn’t be able to restore deleted customers, transactions, invoices, journal entries, etc. It’s Intuit’s responsibility to back up the entire platform, but it’s your responsibility to back up your company data and your clients’ data.

For this issue, Intuit suggests that using the Audit Log to recover the details of the deleted transaction so you can re-enter the details into the account.

Good news -That’s where Rewind comes in! We provide automatic backups of QuickBooks Online that securely store your data. This gives you the freedom to restore lost or deleted transactions, and other items such as customers, journal entries, and invoices. Rewind significantly reduces the risk of data loss and removes the burden on your team to maintain daily backups.

With Rewind you will no longer have to spend time re-entering transaction information from the Audit Log. 🥳

Rewind gives you three ways to restore deleted data from your backup:

  1. Rewind a single item: Sometimes you want to undo just one change in your account, without losing all of the work that followed. In this case, search for the item you want to rewind, in this case, a transaction.
  2. Rewind the entire account to a point in time: Maybe you imported a large dataset or your client made numerous changes to the account without consulting you. Whatever the reason, sometimes it’s best to rewind the entire account to a previous point in time.
  3. Restore an entire QuickBooks Online Online account: This is useful for when you or your client closes down their QuickBooks account but you need to store your data for 7-10 years in case of an audit. Since your Rewind account isn’t tied to your QuickBooks subscription, the backup will remain in your Rewind Vault for as long as you need it.

In most cases, to restore a journal entry, you will want to Rewind a single item (option 1). The best part about how Rewind stores your data – the recovery process will not result in you losing any subsequent work.

To find out more about how to backup and restore QuickBooks Online with Rewind, start here.

Whether it’s a client mistake, a 3rd party app integration with a bug, a data import gone wrong, or a myriad of other reasons, data disasters can happen to anyone without a warning. There’s no time like the present to make sure that when it happens to your QuickBooks Online accounts, you can quickly recover without having to redo hours of work.