Q: What can I do if GitHub is down?


If GitHub is not available, the only way to access your data is by cloning from BackHub servers or through your Amazon S3 Bucket if you have it connected. We offer a disaster recovery service for enterprise customers.

Our service works with GitHub OAuth and is dependent on the GitHub API. You can check the GitHub API status here.

If GitHub is not available, you cannot login to the BackHub user interface. However, if you have a ssh key added to your GitHub account and have turned on the “Clone From BackHub” feature in your account settings, you can clone your repositories directly from BackHub servers. Another way to access your backups if GitHub is not available is to sync them to an Amazon S3 Bucket.

If you have an enterprise plan with enterprise SLA, you can also contact us to perform a disaster recovery of your data.

Learn more about backups for GitHub here!