Q: What is a cloud-to-cloud backup?


A cloud-to-cloud backup simply refers to data stored on one cloud server, that’s backed up on another cloud server or storage provider. Using two different cloud providers means that in the unlikely event one goes down, you’re covered.. 

Why should I use a cloud-to-cloud backup?

There are many benefits to outsourcing your backups with a cloud-to-cloud backup solution. BaaS (backup-as-a-service) apps are solely dedicated to data backups, freeing up your development team to work on what matters while guaranteeing the code they rely upon is continually available. There’s no need to write a custom backup script, keep up with GitHub’s API changes, monitor your backups, or document backup and recovery procedures – that’s what BaaS apps are for.

With Rewind, you can have a full backup of your repositories in minutes, with the ability to directly restore data to GitHub. This means recovering from data loss is a minutes-long process, not days or weeks. Private repositories are kept secure with integrated authentication from GitHub.

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