Harnessing The Power of Data… and The Iron Throne

by Daniella Butera | Last updated on January 18, 2022

We’re two weeks away from the most anticipated event of 2019. And no- it’s not another Apple announcement. You guessed it. Winter is HERE ladies and gents. The Game of Thrones Final Season is upon us! And as we prepare for the ultimate song of fire and ice, we bring to you the top tools that can make your marketing campaigns successful, as they relate to your favorite GoT characters of course! So grab your goblet and learn how the most powerful marketing tools are the ones you already own.

CRM Data & Google Analytics

“Jon Snow”

Clients constantly ask what they need to change to enhance their online experience. Every time I am asked this, I immediately think of Winterfell’s unsung hero, Jon Snow, who once incited, “we look up a the same stars, and see such different things.” From wanting to understand who your customers are, to where they are online, and what they’re doing on your site, all can be uncovered within Google Analytics and your very own CRM.

No marketing tool will ever be as powerful as your own data. But tools like SEM Rush, and Moz provide search volume and site traffic estimates for you and your competition with a heavy caveat that all data is just that- estimated.

Without fail, I always receive an influx of emails the day after Google announces an algorithm update. Clients wanting to know how they’re being affected. (most of the time it’s because they received a free analytics audit from agencies trying to poach business.) What’s really the best way to see if you’ve been affected? Check your own data. Has traffic decreased? Are sales down? If not then chances are your SEO hygiene is in great shape and you can remain loyal to your current strategy. Much like Jon Snow, a sense of pessimism is never a bad thing but make sure to always trust your own data. Additionally, the amount of site speed tests that report less than desirable results while the user experience (both desktop and mobile) remains seamless, illustrate this theory even more so.

Outside of Google, CRM and BI tools, such as Glew.io, provide invaluable data into which of your campaigns are performing best. From understanding the return on ad spend to predictive segmentation which can increase revenue from your customers with the largest lifetime value, having an integrated CRM tool will allow you to take all of your owned data and turn it into smart data.

CRO Tools

“Samwell Tarley”

If there was ever a character that truly proves their value over time it’s this guy (two words- Aegon Targaryen.) Much like Tarley’s intel gathering ways, conversion rate optimization tools also use intel gathering to prove value over time. Implementing tools such as Dynamic Yield, or VWO allow you to better understand customer behavior on your own site.

Gone are the days of needing to apply theoretical analyses to your site in the hopes that they also work for your brand. Implement split testing to figure out where customers are hovering most, clicking least, and then personalize each onsite experience based on predictive segmentation. This will allow you to harness your own data to bring the best experience to each and every user who visits your site.

Project Management Tools

“Cersei Lannister”

Say what you will about Cersei Lannister, but the woman’s desire to rule is admirable (her execution not so much.) However, there’s no shame in this organization game. Having succinct processes and methodical approaches to managing even the most complex projects will have you ruling the PM game in no time. From Teamwork to Apollo, there are a plethora of platforms out there to help you no matter how complex your infrastructure.

When taking on your own “kingdom” of project management, consider developing three sets of overarching task lists: pre-launch, post-launch, and termination. Remember, process makes perfect. The easiest way to create a comprehensive process is to whiteboard it out. Walk through each step your team takes to find areas of redundancy, or missed opportunities, to make a consolidated list of everything that must be done 1) before a campaign goes live, 2) while the campaign is live, 3) once the campaign ends. Use this list as a template within your given PM tool to make sure no stone is left unturned.

Additionally, make sure your team is tracking their progress for each task to evaluate your strengths and what may evolve into roadblocks down the line. The more efficient you can make your processes, the more you can increase your team’s bandwidth without having to increase your workforce thus driving more profit to your division.

No matter what house you fall into, when you need to drive quantitative results for your marketing strategies, the best tools are the ones that allow you to analyze your own data and turn your large data into smart, insightful data. Not to mention, the tools that allow you to do this as efficiently as possible is the one that will help you rule the proverbial marketing “throne.”

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