How to Use Rewind QuickBooks Online Copy

by Kellie Parks | October 22, 2020

The Rewind QuickBooks Online Copy feature will give you the ability to copy the data within a live QuickBooks Online file to an empty shell account. While you can manually copy and import data into a new QuickBooks Online file, using Rewind will provide a faster and smoother process.

In this guide, learn how to:

  • Link your QuickBooks Online account to Rewind.
  • Copy a QuickBooks Online file to a new shell account.

Why Use Rewind QuickBooks Online Copy?

There are five main reasons as to why this new capability will be so powerful within your accounting practice. The first reason is that this copy feature will allow you to create a sandbox environment, which is great when you are training new employees or testing out new apps or integrations.

Additionally, it will give you the ability to upgrade, downgrade, or move to a plan attached to a different account by copying the data in your existing file to a new one on a different plan. This copy will also make entity changes a lot simpler, whether that is because the business has been acquired, or a client stops using your services but you wish to retain the data in a backup or move the data to a service that your client is paying for. Also, Rewind Copy is helpful if the organization type changes and you want to start with a new shell file.

You will also have the ability to create an existing file in a new one for sharing purposes, a due diligence process, or to keep your files consistent for auditing purposes. Lastly, the copy feature will allow you to create a template with your standardized chart of accounts and settings to copy into a new file when you are onboarding new clients.

Linking your QuickBooks Online Account to Rewind

The first step is to go to https://app.rewind.io and log into your Rewind account. If you do not have one already, you can sign up for an account and be activated for your free seven-day trial.

The next step is to connect the QuickBooks Online file you will be copying from, which is the source file, to your Rewind account. Select “Link Account” and click “QuickBooks Online.” You will be brought into QuickBooks Online in a new browser tab.

Once in QuickBooks Online, choose which file you want to be the source file. Select “Next” and then “Connect.” This process will initiate the first backup. You will receive a confirmation that the accounts are linked. You will be presented with pricing and plan options from Rewind. Once you select a plan option that suits your needs, add your payment information.

Inside the Rewind app, you will see that your first backup has been complete. If the backup is still in progress, the “Backup Now” button in the top, right-hand corner will read, “Backup In Progress” instead.

Copying a QuickBooks Online file using Rewind

Once the backup has been complete, go into your QuickBooks Online account and create a new, empty file. This will be the destination file for your copy. Ensure that the new file is named something different than the source file before connecting it to Rewind.

Within the Rewind app, link a new QuickBooks Online account. It will bring you into QuickBooks Online where you can then select the new destination file. A new backup file will be created. You will see some general settings that will be backed up into the vault.

In Rewind, select the originating QuickBooks Online file from the navigation menu at the top of the app. Once in the new file, select “Copy Data (Beta)”. Select the destination file and click “Start.” You will receive a “Copy and Overwrite?” request. Click “Yes.” At this point, Rewind will notify you if any settings need to be changed or if they have been set up correctly. If they are, then the copy will be initiated. You can see if it has been initiated in the top, right-hand corner.

Once the copy has been completed, you will be emailed a summary of the results and if any items failed to copy or were skipped. The next step is to review the source and destination file to ensure that they are a complete match. Return to the Rewind app screen and click the destination account. Review what has been added. You can use the search bar to see what has been added. Do this to ensure that the file is being updated.

Backup QuickBooks Online today

For more information about Rewind, please visit rewind.com. Or, learn more about how to backup Shopify, backup BigCommerce, or backup QuickBooks Online.

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