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How do Merchants Lose Store Data?

Human Error

Multiple people editing your store without an “undo” button is a recipe for disaster. Even a small mistake while editing your theme code can break the functionality of your entire store.

Malicious Attacks

The risk of a random attack by a hacker is a legitimate concern for any online business. But malicious attacks are just as likely from a disgruntled employee or contractor.

Software Glitches

The most common offenders are integrations with 3rd party software (ex. inventory management apps) and CSV imports. They can make large, unwanted changes to your store.

Protect Your Store

You rely on your Shopify store to run your business. Protect your data by backing it up to Rewind’s secure cloud service. Any time you lose or accidentally delete data, quickly and easily restore it to any previous point in time.

Protect Your Time and Money

Rewind is like an insurance plan that protects your store against data disasters – which otherwise cost weeks of lost sales and time rebuilding.

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Recover from small mistakes or big disasters in minutes – instead of spending weeks rebuilding.

Thousands of Shopify store owners swear by this service. I have many merchants, friends, and people in the industry that I know are using Rewind and they’re very, very satisfied.

Steve Hutt
Merchant Success Manager, Shopify Plus

We’ve been building backup software since 2015. Rewind backups are trusted by over 10,000 businesses to protect their data.