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Avoid store downtime

When your store is not functioning properly, you are turning customers away at the door. Unlike closing for the night, ecommerce downtime can cost your company thousands of dollars in lost sales, lost first-time visitors, damage to your SEO ranking, and hours of productivity and past work that is erased.

Unfortunately, mistakes and data disasters are inevitable. 

How do merchants lose data in Shopify?

Human Error

Multiple people editing your store without an “undo” button is a recipe for disaster. Even a small mistake while editing your theme code can break the functionality of your entire store.

Malicious Attacks

The risk of a random attack by a hacker is a legitimate concern for any online business. But malicious attacks are just as likely from a disgruntled employee or contractor.

Software Glitches

The most common offenders are integrations with 3rd party software (ex. inventory management apps) and CSV imports. They can make large, unwanted changes to your store.


Shopify support does not have the ability to recover your store from these disasters. Learn more.

Protect Your Time and Money

Rewind is like an insurance plan that protects your Shopify store against data disasters – which otherwise cost weeks of lost sales and time rebuilding.

One less thing to worry about

A daily automatic backup

Just set Rewind and forget it. We backup all new changes made to your store every day. You never have to remember to run a backup.

World-class support

We’ve felt the pain of data loss – when it happens, you just want things to be back to normal as soon as possible. Our support and engineering team is dedicated to helping you right away.

Install in seconds

Install Rewind from the Shopify app store, select a plan, and your first backup will start right away. That’s all you have to do – we take care of the rest.

Recover from small mistakes or big disasters in minutes – instead of spending weeks rebuilding.

Security and recovery

Completely secure

Connections to Shopify are always made securely, and your most important store data is stored encrypted in our secure Rewind Vault™. Read more on how we keep your data secure.

GDPR compliant

Stay compliant with legal requirements in your country. Save copies of your data to ensure you have access to invoices and customer data for tax purposes. Rewind is compliant with GDPR legislation – all the data for European stores is processed and stored in Europe.

Flexible data restores

Rewind gives you complete flexibility over how you restore your data: rewind a single item, multiple items, or your entire store to a previous point in time with just a few clicks. Watch your data be restored before your very eyes.

FAQ: What does Rewind backup for Shopify stores?
Rewind backs up more item types than any other solution. Your backup includes: Products, Product Images, Inventory, Customers, Orders, Collections, Blogs, Blog Posts, Pages, Themes, Theme Files, Menu Navigation, Store Policies, Locations, Shipping Zones, Gift Cards, Customer Saved Searches, and Metadata (for Enterprise plans). For a more detailed list of properties we backup, visit this help document.
FAQ: When does Rewind run a backup?
On all our plans, Rewind automatically backs up once a day at midnight (local time).

In addition, on all but our free plans, customers are also provided the option to perform a manual backup at any time required, as well as continuous, real-time back ups of certain data – ensuring that changes you make are almost instantly reflected in your Rewind Vault.

What customers are saying

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Peace of mind

Rewind has given us peace of mind. We sell custom furniture for your home and outdoor, and have over 3,000 products currently. It took ~6 months to get all of the coding/conditional logic written, so protecting this work was very important to us. The thought of it getting wiped out, and us having to start all over again was concerning. We know longer have to worry with Rewind. Customer service has been great. Would highly recommend them!

– Mattielu

So worth the cost

Today an app support team broke our website and left a jumbled mess. It would have cost us 1000s of $$$ in lost sales until it was repaired. We hit the Rewind button and within minutes our site was up and back to normal. It works!!

– Invigor8

One word to describe this app

One word to describe this app: AMAZING. This of it as an insurance policy – you hope you will never need it but, if something happens, you will flawlessly be able to “rewind” to the day before the data loss. We installed this app after losing around 1500+ professionally taken photos (caused by a mysterious Shopify glitch during a price change upload). Needless to say that replacing the photos one item at a time cost us several thousand dollars. Our advice: don’t think, get it and forget about it!

– Laguiole Imports