Protect & control your QuickBooks Online files with Rewind Backups & Copy

QuickBooks Online backs up its platform – not your files. You are one mistake, bug, or attack away from unwanted downtime, lost clients, and an expensive rebuild.

Add Rewind from the QuickBooks Online app store for one-click backups, restores, and copies.

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“Is your backup useful in the case of a crisis…

…with Rewind I know I can go back and restore individual aspects of a file.

This lets me get back to a place where I can proceed with the important work that we are doing.”

Geni Whitehouse

CPA, International Keynote Speaker

1 in 5 Rewind customers restore data due to…

Innocent mistakes

Common mistakes resulting in catastrophic data loss include deleting a journal entry or important block of transactions, causing you to recreate items, and more..

Bad CSV files

Backing up your QuickBooks Online files manually via CSV? A CSV import gone wrong can make large, unwanted changes to your file. Since an import cannot be undone, you are forced to go back and manually resolve the issue.

3rd-party apps

Top offenders are app integrations that import large amounts of data back into QuickBooks Online (ex. inventory apps, CRM, POS). They cause the biggest headaches since one error can have a domino effect on the rest of a file.

Malicious attacks

Think you’re too small to attract malicious hackers? It’s usually a disgruntled employee or contractor that retaliates by deleting your account or holding it hostage.

This is why Pro Advisors recommend Rewind Backups

“Peace of mind, for you and your clients!

Knowing you can connect outside apps, have your team and clients collaborating in the file and that any unwanted changes or transactions can be rewound back in time is a lifesaver.

This is a seamless integration, set it and forget app that you don’t have to deal with until you need it. I use this as a value-add service for my clients to make them feel they are in the hands of a professional – by knowing their financials are protected and recoverable.”

Kellie Parks

CPB, QuickBooks Online Pro Advisor, and Intuit Writer

Restore or duplicate client files in a few clicks

Automatic backups

Your first complete QuickBooks Online backup starts with the click of a button. Then, we’ll automatically backup your files at 12 AM your time each day, and on-demand backups cover you when you’re making changes.

Unlimited Copies (Beta)

With one button click, you can transfer as many client files as you like. Copy helps you change subscriptions, create a test file for apps, isolate data for auditing or due diligence, or even offboard existing clients who wish to hold onto their data.

Flexible Restores

Whether it’s a client mistake, a buggy app, or an attack – you can rewind individual items (e.g. an attachment), multiple items, or your file to a time when everything worked perfectly.

"This app is TOP NOTCH - 5 STARS"

” THUMBS UP to the BEST I have found that does an excellent job of backing up Quick Books Online! Had I only known about it sooner! After many fails and tests of other back-up software Rewind is the only one that actually delivers!

I have had clients and their employees make some pretty major mistakes including accounts payable and receivables, and I was able to go back to the exact point of errors and “Rewind” to where it was when I last left the books. I highly recommend this for QuickBooks Online Accountants and bookkeepers, $5 per client per month could be hours of costly time re-entering and trying to figure out what had been changed!”


Get peace of mind in minutes

How to start your first backup

1. Add Rewind

Add Rewind from the Intuit app store and select a plan that works for you (all plans come with a 7-day free trial.

2. Backup your files

Your first backup will begin right away and you’ll get an email notifying you when it’s done. You’ll get continued coverage with automatic daily backups and on-demand backups.

Restore & Copy your data with ease

We take care of the backend

3. Weekly backup email

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a weekly email showing all of your backup activity.

4. Rewind items easily

Make a mistake or lose a ton of data? Rewind individual items, multiple items, or your entire file in a couple of clicks.

5. Need help?

Need help during a data crisis? With the largest engineering and support team in our space, we are here when you need us – over email, phone, and live chat.

Getting started with Pro Advisor Alicia Pollock

75+ 5-star reviews in the Intuit app store

“As an online bookkeeper there have been a few occasions already that this has been an invaluable tool! QuickBooks Online tends to change things here and there. When I’m in QuickBooks Online doing something possibly out of my comfort zone all I have to do is remind myself that I can just Rewind it. Even if I never had to use it, knowing that it’s there provides an enormous amount of peace of mind.


“I had moved and deleted entries in preparing for a year’s close only learning later that I should have kept these entries. I contact Rewind on a Thursday. They prepped my case for review and action within 24 hours and made all the necessary changes to my account by Monday. Good as new (or rather, good as it used to be). ‘

‘Worked just as advertised and the customer service was exceptional throughout the entire process

I’m grateful for Rewind and proud to be their customer.”


“After an outsourced bookkeeper decided to click on something that made mass changes (which couldn’t be undone) to our QuickBooks Online data, I went looking for a backup and recovery solution. It literally took weeks and hundreds of dollars to fix the snafu. Had I had Rewind Backup at the time, I would have saved myself a lot of time and money. That won’t happen again!”


At $5 per account, this is worth every penny! Just one oopsie can be corrected in less than a minute, saving untold time trying to recreate that entry. And if you find a problem that was made some time ago, simply rewind without trying to remember (correctly) the details of the transaction.

It will save your butt! t will save your heart and mind from the jolt of adrenaline you get when you realize you messed up- which affects your body for hours after. It will help you sleep at night.

Ellie B

A small investment for the peace of mind that comes with protected and controlled financial data


$10 USD/month

Back up your QuickBooks Online file with Rewind for your business

Unlimited File to File Copies (During Beta)


Start Free Trial

Accounting Pros

$5 USD/month/client

Back up QuickBooks Online files with Rewind for your clients

Unlimited File to File Copies (During Beta)


Start Free Trial

All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days. All plans are month-to-month.

“When I first heard of Rewind, I was already subscribed to another QuickBooks Online backup app, one of their competitors. When I took a closer look, I discovered that Rewind had the ability to restore not just the entire file to a specific date and time, but A SINGLE TRANSACTION! That meant that when I discovered a client had deleted the complex journal entry I had made for payroll job costing because she didn’t understand it, I didn’t need to manually recreate it. I got it back with just a couple clicks!

I highly recommend that all QuickBooks Online users subscribe to this service, even if they have other backup systems in place. Just needing it once is worth an entire year’s subscription. It gives me peace of mind, return on investment, and the most flexible backup strategy on the market.”


Alicia Pollock

Royalwise Solutions, QuickBooks Elite ProAdvisor

Still not sure if you need a backup of your QuickBooks Online files? See why industry leaders have added Rewind and never looked back.

“I love what Rewind is doing. Finally, we have a real undo option after a failed import into QuickBooks Online and more. This solution is a game-changer for anyone doing bookkeeping on the cloud and for our clients.”

Geni Whitehouse

“No business should run the risk of data loss. Rewind removes that risk. We use it with our clients to ensure proper data backup.”

Brian Clare
Blueprint Accounting

“My favorite thing about Rewind is that you can restore individual transactions. So if you’ve deleted a transaction and have to recreate it, you can log into Rewind instead, and simply click a button. Sooo handy!.”

Alicia Pollock
Royalwise Solutions


Doesn’t QuickBooks Online backup my files?

QuickBooks Online backs up all users at the platform-level. This means that if QuickBooks Online were to experience a problem with their servers, they would be able to recover the entire platform. A platform backup cannot be used to recover data from your individual account.

Rewind gives you control and access to backups of your individual files and all of the data you have built into it.

Can Rewind handle high-volume?

Absolutely. We’re fortunate to call massive online retailers such as Staples, Pampers, Charmin, MVMT, Gymshark and many more our customers.

Is my QuickBooks Online data secure?

We take data security very seriously. Your most sensitive data is encrypted and stored in our Rewind Vault. (Yes, security is so important to us that we created the Rewind Vault and trademarked it) Read more on

How will I be billed?

After you link Rewind with your QuickBooks Online account, you’ll select a plan based on the # of QuickBooks Online accounts you have, enter your credit card information, and start your 7-day free trial. You will then get billed each month automatically.

I still have questions, can I speak to someone?

You can start a live chat with us right now using the chat button in the bottom right corner or email us at (Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm EST). We have a team of customer support specialists based in Canada eager to help.

Is Rewind Copy free with the Rewind Backup product?

Rewind Copy is currently in beta which means we are still actively working on improving the product and it’s in the early stages of development. We wouldn’t want to charge you for a product that isn’t fully ready for prime time so we are including it free with your Rewind Backup subscription. In the near future, we will break Rewind Copy out into its own product offering and it will be charged separately from Rewind copy.

What does Rewind backup?

For QuickBooks Online, we backup everything the API allows – more than any other solution out there. This includes (deep breath) bills, bill payments, credit memos, deposits, estimates, invoices, journal entries, payments, purchases, purchase orders, refund receipts, sales receipts, time activities, transfers, vendors, accounts, attachments, classes, customers, departments, employees (except SSN field), items, journal codes (France only), payment methods, terms, vendors, preferences. In addition to the above items, the following QuickBooks Online items are also backed up, but require the help of our team to restore: budgets, currencies, tax agencies, tax codes, and tax rates.

When does Rewind run a backup?

We run backups at 12 AM your local time every single day. These automatic backups won’t interfere with your ability to work in a company file. You can also run an unlimited number of on-demand backups whenever you want.

Is Rewind GDPR compliant?

Rewind complies with all GDPR regulations. You can read our data processing agreement at

Can’t I just use a CSV file as a backup?

We have many customers where CSVs worked until… they didn’t. CSVs can’t back up an entire file, so they’re prone to errors and becoming outdated. And sometimes it’s a bad CSV file that causes catastrophic data loss.

What items is Rewind Copy able and unable to copy?

Rewind Copy takes care of all the items in a QuickBooks Online file with the exception of payroll and a few other items that we cannot access through QuickBooks API. Here is a detailed list of what we can and cannot copy

A small investment for the peace of mind that comes with protected and controlled financial data

Email to book a demo