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Your data is in good hands

Trusted by over 100,000 organizations, Rewind secures over 30 billion data points worldwide.




Secure your store with automated daily backups, restored in minutes

Backup Your Store

Back up everything, from individual product photos to metadata to your entire store.

Save Time and Money

Manual CSV backups are time-consuming and complicated. Rewind backs up your data automatically, providing set-it-and-forget-it data security.

Restore Critical Data in Minutes

Don’t let a software conflict, a buggy app, or malware eat into your bottom line. Rewind allows you to undo mistakes and get back to business quickly.

Version History at Your Fingertips

Stay compliant and audit-ready. Peace of mind through secure and automated data backups is the competitive advantage your business needs.

How Rewind Works

Install the App.

Available on the Shopify App store, Rewind Backups was custom designed to work natively with Shopify’s features.

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Once you’ve authenticated your account, choose the plan that’s the best fit for the number of products that your store generates. Once you’re set up, your first backup
will start automatically.

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Enjoy automatic backups.

Rewind will maintain a continuous backup, including metadata. Restore anything from a single image to your entire store – simply select the date when everything worked, and hit ‘restore’.

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$3 / MONTH

Back up your store with an average of 20 orders per month.


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Back up your store with an average of 200 orders per month.


$39 / MONTH

Back up your store with an average of 600 orders per month.


$299 / MONTH

Back up your store with an average of > 8,000 orders per month.

Feeling the Love

We love our customers, and the feeling seems to be mutual.

You don’t have to sit there and say ‘we’re losing money because of this.’ You know that Rewind’s got your back.

Our site broke and left a jumbled mess. It would have cost us $1000's in lost sales, but thanks to Rewind our site was back to normal in minutes.

If I had known ecommerce platforms do not provide full backups and can’t restore your site; I would have been using Rewind from Day one.

There's no CTRL Z on Shopify. We talked to our Shopify rep about using backups, and the name that kept coming up was Rewind.

Data Security Pros, At Your Service

Our dedicated team of support wizards, data engineers, and cybersecurity
specialists are available to help 7 days a week.

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