Q: Is Exchange Online data backed up?


To backup Exchange Online files, you need a third-party backup and recovery solution. Point-in-time restoration of mailbox items is out of scope for the Exchange Online service. 

Exchange Online (and all Microsoft 365 products) follow the Shared Responsibility Model.

That means Microsoft is responsible for:

  • Physical security in their data centers.
  • Data storage replication and redundancy.
  • Guarantees of uptime and privacy controls.
  • Protection against natural disasters that affect their data centers, hardware or software failures on their part, power outages, operating system errors, and other unlikely yet possible disasters.

The user is responsible for:

  • Protecting your data against human error (malicious or innocent), misconfigured workflows, hackers, viruses, and malware. 
  • Backing up all user data is your responsibility. Microsoft cannot assist with restoring the data stored in your individual account. 

How do I back up my Exchange Online mailbox and other data?

Peace of mind about having your data secure is a wonderful thing. And we’ve got good news – it’s really easy to protect your organization’s Exchange Online data from human error, malware, ransomware, employees gone rogue, and more. 

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