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Part 1: Secrets to Overcoming The Biggest Ecommerce Agency Challenges

We’ll show you how to conquer the most common challenges your agency faces: scope creep. clients who “don’t have the budget,” but want you to do the work anyway, proposals that just don’t convert.

Part 2: Building a Safety Net in Case Work Slows Down

Secrets all about protecting your agency when work slows down. We’ll show you how to create a custom retainer model, and give you practical tips and templates for pitching and winning retainers.

Part 3: Leading the Way to Growth

The secret to shifting from company founder to the kind of leader your agency needs now to level up and grow revenues. We cover everything from learning to let go and delegate, to forming a global vision for your agency, to developing your emotional intelligence. These leadership skills involve personal transformation that will translate into agency growth.

Part 4: Creating Partnerships to Strengthen Your Agency

Adding revenue streams to smooth out the bumps in your cash flow is the most obvious reason for entering into agency partnerships. But did you know there are many more? We’ll show you how, and tell you why you can feel good about the value you’re adding for your clients through partnerships. We’ll also let you in on our list of top picks for best partners and what their programs have to offer.

Part 5: Driving Agency Success by Attracting and Retaining Talent

These final secrets are all about the talent. We show you how to appeal to and keep quality talent to build a winning team, unlock and leverage the hidden skills in your organization, and nurture a workplace culture that will keep your talent happy for the long game.

Written by Industry Experts

Rachel Jacobs

Founder, Ecommerce Partnerships

Dan Sheard

Managing Director, Velstar

Shauna Moran

Founder, Operate Remote

Dasha Shakov

Partnerships Manager, Rewind

The sales strategy and selling tips were bang on in my opinion… I really felt it was a true value add resource on many fronts and have actually forwarded it with to couple of CEOs that I consult with as a best practices guide!

Rachel Repp
Director of Business Developmen, RezPlus