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We knew Atlassian provides limited data backup coverage, but that doesn’t extend to backup of account-level data in GitHub and Jira.

Eran Polak
R&D Manager at Matics

“Rewind doesn’t just give us a full backup of the codebase with just a few clicks; it also gives us a business continuity plan in the event of the worst-case scenario.”

Uttej Badwane
Senior Security Engineer, Carta

“We want our solutions to work without disrupting our work. We don’t want to have to check them daily, but we also need the assurance that they’re working fine. With Rewind, if we get a notification of an exception, we react, but otherwise, we can rest in the knowledge that all is well.”

Udaya Kiran
Head of Technology, Syngenta

You don’t have to sit there and say ‘we’re losing money because of this.’ You know that Rewind’s got your back.

Nick Lococo
General Manager of Rx Smart Gear

“Protection Suite is definitely next-level. It represents a whole new generation of apps for Shopify merchants. Knowing you have your data backed up is critical, but catching issues in real-time and resolving them before they turn into problems is amazing!”

Paul Rosenwald
Director of Business Development at SeaMonster Studios
Picture of Paul Rosendwald

“When questions arise regarding data integrity, ownership, and potential loss, we can provide our clients with the assurance that we have a robust third-party backup solution in place.”

Scott Veinot
Partner, Bookco Virtual Accounting Inc

For anyone who is on the fence about Rewind and if a backup is needed for QuickBooks Online — just do it now

Kellie Parks
Calmwaters Cloud Accounting
Kelly Waters, Cloud Accounting, Rewind Backups testimonial

“It was a mess. But Rewind made it really convenient for us to revert back to the original state rather than having to go in and manually delete the duplicate files. It probably would’ve taken us at least 20 hours to undo, redo, and audit all the prior years’ data.”

Dan Luthi
Partner, Ignite Spot Accounting Services

We put an awful lot of trust in our apps with almost everything being in the cloud. If your data gets corrupted, your chances of getting it back or getting it fixed in short order may be limited or non-existent. Using Rewind Backups for Trello will give you the assurance that nothing is broken forever.

Scott Friesen, Trello Consultant

If our Trello data were gone, so many areas of our business would come to a grinding halt. Having a failsafe gives me peace of mind.

Kristina Valdez
Executive Director,
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Data heroes agree: peace of mind is contagious

When a merchant screws up, that is not your mistake. I get it though, if you told them to use Rewind (I often do) and they screw up, then you’re the hero.

Dave Lazar

Oh Rewind has been a savior so many times. I don’t know what I’d do without it tbh

Harshdeep Singh Hura

I’d recommend Rewind to back-up data in case of a hack!!

Krissie Claire

ALWAYS. So. much. love. for Rewind.

NO AFFILIATION for anyone 👀

Deborah Mecca

Rewind has been protecting businesses by backing up their SaaS data. Their solutions empower businesses to protect and recover the data they need for consistent growth. Visit their page at for more information.

Mile Square Labs

Fair play. @rewind smashed this. This is the most comprehensive set of features to defend a store that I’ve seen. Backups, monitoring, staging and alerts in one place.

Finn Radford