How Ignite Spot Accounting brings secure cloud accounting to all

Ignite Spot is an accounting services firm providing outsourced accounting, controller, and CFO services to businesses of all sizes and across multiple verticals.

Dan Luthi is currently a Partner at the firm, although, in his long tenure at Ignite Spot, he’s held multiple roles and worn multiple hats. From operations, client service, and partner relationship management to technology evaluation and selection, one thing that’s remained constant is his commitment to keeping a sharp eye on responsible “checks and balances.”

Luthi explains: “We’ve always sought to evolve beyond being a standard accounting firm. That means not just ensuring that our systems are fit-for-purpose and operating optimally for us but also for our clients. So, we’re continually evaluating and rigorously testing tools and resources to make sure that we’re recommending the right solutions.”

Secure sources of truth

Given the nature of their business, Luthi and his team pride themselves on taking a 360-degree view of the client when it comes to suggesting payroll solutions, taking into account the client’s business size, immediate needs, and operating model. As a technology consulting partner, part of their role extends to communicating potential risks and “what-if” scenarios that could be associated with certain tools.

“For example, some of our clients use HubSpot as well as QuickBooks and enjoy the great features and functionalities offered by both platforms. However, the two solutions don’t necessarily always work ‘cleanly’ together,” explains Luthi. “We see part of our role including looking at different tools’ native integration capability and advising our clients how best they will achieve clean and secure sources of truth.”

Data security and privacy are critical for all Ignite Spot’s clients, but more so for those operating in heavily regulated industries such as healthcare. With such clients, it’s not just the company’s financial records that must be protected; it’s also sensitive patient data. Financial professionals, depending on the clients they serve, must abide by a long list of regulations, including HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, IRS 4557, and more.

“If, as their accounting firm, you’re unable to store and process that data securely, you essentially become the weakest link,” explains Luthi.

In line with Ignite Spot’s mantra of holistic risk assessment and mitigation, the importance of ensuring that its clients have access to a reliable backup and restore solution has been a longstanding consideration.

Several years ago, when migrating accounting systems from desktop to cloud-based online platforms became the norm, the criticality of backup became amplified. Ignite Spot chose Rewind to ensure that while its clients’ QuickBooks file migration process was being undertaken, a copy of every data set was made using Rewind Copy – just in case something went awry.

Guaranteeing QuickBooks data hygiene

“We’re aware that there are some limitations with what QuickBooks can do and how data is copied and processed. Now and then, we spotted anomalies in the data – that might have just been because someone closed a window before the system had a chance to autosave. Instances like that started becoming more prevalent, so we realized we needed something that was consistent and reliable,” explains Luthi.

“When clients engage us as their accounting partner, backup is always going to be there. It’s set up and connected the moment they sign the contract – all part of our service for a nominal fee.”

Unleashing innovation

In addition to ensuring that data management is fluid and functional, Rewind also gives Ignite Spot’s clients a new level of freedom to experiment.

Some Ignite Spot clients regularly create test files and experiment with undoing and redoing their datasets. Rewind facilitates that level of creativity without the risk of the client ever corrupting or losing their primary data. 

Luthi explains how one client used Rewind’s functionality to create a new app that allowed them to split their payroll allocations. “At the time, they were running their payroll through a single entity, although their business comprised three discrete divisions. This resulted in the need for multiple manual journal entries. Rewind allowed them to set up and deploy a new app that streamlined and expedited the process of splitting allocations.”

When “life” happens…

Old-fashioned human error is another factor that any responsible accounting firm needs to anticipate and mitigate.

“Mistakes happen, and that’s part of business,” says Luthi. “But they don’t have to spell disaster if you’ve got an easy and reliable way to undo errors quickly.”

He explains that, like most businesses, Ignite Spot has had the odd incident of human error. On one occasion, an employee accidentally uploaded multiple sets of information, thereby creating a sea of duplicates dating back almost a year.

“It was a mess. But Rewind made it really convenient for us to revert back to the original state rather than having to go in and manually delete the duplicate files. It probably would’ve taken us at least 20 hours to undo, redo, and audit all the prior years’ data.”

Dan Luthi
Partner, Ignite Spot Accounting Services

If, like Ignite Spot, you’re committed to ensuring that your and your client’s QuickBooks Online data is securely backed up, contact us at to find out how we can help.