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Automated Confluence backups and on-demand restores

Atlassian is only responsible for restoring its entire platform, not your Confluence account - according to its Shared Responsibility Model. With Rewind, you can automate your backups and recover your Confluence account in a few clicks from any disaster or data loss- without any coding, tickets or maintenance.

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Why Confluence backups?

Atlassian is not responsible for restoring your data in case of an incident that only affects your account.
Atlassian Shared Responsibility Model limits its responsibility for the platform as a whole.

You need backups for your Confluence account to:

  • Recover your account after a disaster / cyber attack
  • Protect your data from human errors / accidental deletions
  • Meet your disaster recovery plan and compliance needs
Zendesk Backups
Zendesk Backups

Automated, Daily Backups

Automate your daily Confluence backups in a few minutes, without any coding or maintenance. 

Rewind Backups for Confluence provides full coverage of your Confluence data:

  • Pages, spaces, blog posts, attachments, comments, templates, themes.

On-Demand Restores

Recover your Confluence account in a few clicks from any type of data loss and get back to business. 

Rewind’s recovery is on-demand and automatic.

  • With on-demand data recovery, you can initiate a restore in a few clicks without any coding.
  • Automatic recovery ensures your restores start instantly – no tickets or lengthy response times.
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How many Confluence users are in your organization?

Professional Plan


USD / month

$3.00 USD / user / month

  • Easy Setup
  • Automated Daily Backups

  • 365 day backup history

  • Unlimited cloud storage for backups

  • Fast, On-Demand Restores

  • Full Backup Coverage

  • Expert support 7 days a week

Rewind is now proudly SOC 2, Type 2 compliant

SOC 2 is a framework applicable to all technology service or SaaS companies that store customer data in the cloud to ensure security of customer and client data.

“I’ve been through disasters. I’ve seen people just delete things or make a mistake. And I’ve seen viruses go scampering across the network, so I know their destructive capabilities. I’ve seen why a third-party backup is important.”

Paul Jacques
Security & Infrastructure Manager


In order to set up Rewind Backups for Confluence, please click “Book a demo” at https://rewind.com/products/backups/confluence/ and complete the form. One of our security specialists will contact you with installation instructions.

No. Rewind backups for Confluence include unlimited cloud storage on Rewind Vault. You can access any backup version through the Rewind Vault by clicking versions and choosing a date from the calendar view.

Rewind keeps the backup snapshots for 365 days, which are easily accessible through your Rewind account for on-demand restores or downloads.

Rewind’s automatic backups are performed on a daily basis as default. When you need an additional backup, you can initiate it from your Rewind account using the “Backup Now” function.

To initiate a Restore, simply log in to your Rewind account (either from rewind.com or in the My Apps menu in Confluence) and navigate to the Advanced Restore tab. From there, choose the date/time you would like to Restore to, and click Restore.

When you initiate a restore, your instance will be restored exactly back to how it was on the date you selected. Your current data as of the date of the initiation will be replaced with the data saved in the backup snapshot taken the day you’ve selected to restore to. So, if on Wednesday, you restore your data back to Monday, any changes made on Tuesday will not be present. Please note that when restoring resources, Rewind will not delete any resources, but simply update them as part of the restore process.

If you have questions or need support, you may send an email to help@rewind.com, or simply type into the live chat window to speak directly to our Support Wizards, 7 days a week.