Take control of your data: automated backups and recovery.

SaaS providers assume no responsibility for account-level data. Protect your business with on-demand, granular recovery, and advanced compliance features.
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Rewind is an Atlassian-backed company.
100,000+ organizations across the globe have trusted us with their data.

Why Rewind Backups

Stay compliant and audit-ready

Rewind is the leading third-party provider of secure, SOC 2-compliant backup and recovery solutions.

Audit-ready features include automated backups, granular data recovery, data location storage, cloud sync, access log, SOC 2 report, and more.

Save engineering time

Don’t waste developer cycles maintaining backup scripts.

Rewind’s automated backups allow your team to focus on what they do best: growing your business.

Stay protected with full backup coverage

Protect your workflows, your IP, and your profitability with both account-level and item-level restores.

Rewind offers comprehensive data coverage and on-demand restores for a majority of filetypes, including metadata.

Recover quickly from disasters

Improve speed to recovery with on-demand restores, directly to your SaaS instance.

Recover critical data in minutes with Rewind’s simple self-serve portal

Whatever your stack, Rewind’s got your back:

Backups for GitHub

  • Automated daily GitHub backups, restored in minutes
  • Granular restores and on-demand recovery, including metadata
  • Advanced compliance features like cloud sync, audit log, choice of storage location, SOC 2 report and more.

Backups for Jira

  • Protect your Jira Cloud workflows with automated daily backups
  • Granular restores and on-demand recovery, including over 45 file types
  • Advanced compliance features like item-level restores, audit log, choice of storage location, SOC 2 report and more.
  • Unlimited backup storage and retention (Atlassian native exports once / 48 hours)

Backups for Confluence

  • Protect your Confluence data with automated daily backups and on-demand restores
  • Advanced compliance features like item-level restores, audit log, SOC 2 report and more.
  • Granular restores and on-demand recovery of all Confluence data types
  • Unlimited backup storage and retention (Atlassian native exports once / 24 hours, limited filetypes)

Backups for Bitbucket

  • Protect your Bitbucket data with automated daily backups and on-demand restores
  • Advanced compliance features like item-level restores, audit log, choice of storage location, SOC 2 report and more.
  • Granular restores and on-demand recovery, including metadata*

For your role

Security Leader

  • Stay compliant with daily backups and on-demand data recovery
  • Fully automated backup solution with no maintenance; set it and forget it
  • Audit log, SOC 2 report, cloud sync, and other advanced features

IT Leader

  • Eliminate downtime and increase velocity with granular, on-demand data recovery
  • Optimized solution with automatic daily, incremental backups
  • Install in minutes, with no coding or specialized training


  • Eliminate downtime with on-demand, granular data recovery
  • Comprehensive data backup coverage, including metadata
  • Optimized solution with automated daily incremental backups

Rewind is now proudly SOC 2, Type 2 compliant

Rewind is the leading third-party provider of SOC 2 compliant SaaS backups. Our full SOC report and detailed security portal is available upon request.






Success Story: Carta

“Rewind doesn’t just give us a full backup of the codebase with just a few clicks; it also gives us a business continuity plan in the event of the worst-case scenario.”

Uttej Badwane
Senior Security Engineer, Carta


General features

Automated daily backups of your SaaS data, recovered in minutes.

Daily incremental backups of all of your data are created automatically. Backup snapshots have a 365-day retention period on the cloud, with no size limits. Rewind Backups provides comprehensive coverage, including metadata .

Cloud sync to Azure Blob or Amazon S3 storage allows you to automate the creation of copies of your daily backup snapshots. Ensure additional security with secure syncs of your backed-up data to the cloud storage of your choice.

Rapidly restore a backup snapshot up to 365 days back in time in a few clicks. Using the self-serve portal, data can be restored directly to your SaaS instance, increasing your speed to recovery.

Security features

Stay compliant and audit-ready

Choose between EU-based and US-based servers for your cloud storage location . Easily comply with geographic restrictions such as GDPR or HIPAA, as your backups will be stored in your designated location only.

Rewind is SOC 2, Type 2 and GDPR compliant, mitigating your third-party risks. Rewind’s SOC 2 report is available with NDA to assist in audit processes.

Data is protected with military-grade encryption, AES-256. All backups are encrypted with the AES-256 bit encryption algorithm at rest and in transit. Rewind’s SOC 2 audit provides further transparency and security, verified by Rewind’s SOC 2 Type 2 report.

The audit log is a centralized stream of all systems and user activity to improve security and help with compliance needs. Audit log covers activities such as backups, restores, logins, logouts, account creations, account deletions, and more.

Productivity features

Boost your velocity with seamless security

Centralizes your backups: all organization owners and admins can access backups and restore them as needed. The Rewind interface is simple and intuitive, requiring no special training or coding.

In addition to the self-restore option, Rewind also offers technical assistance in restoring data as needed. Our team of support specialists and data engineers is available to help 7 days a week, regardless of a customer’s plan.

All Rewind plans include access to support 7 days a week via email, chat, and our Knowledge Base. Enterprise plans also include priority phone support.

Build it vs. Buy it cost comparison

Once you’ve decided that a backup solution is a must-have for your organization, you essentially have two options:

  1. Build it yourself
  2. Partner with a backup-as-a-service provider such as Rewind

Of course, the first question that comes to mind at this stage is likely, “What’s the most cost-effective option?” To help you gain clarity on the respective costs of “build versus buy,” we’ve created a handy DIY calculator. Use this tool to compare the cost of building your own backup solution versus leveraging one such as Rewind.