2024 State of SaaS Data and Recovery

Data loss, shadow IT, and the rise of BackUp-as-a-Service (BaaS)

SaaS Data backup report file preview

By 2027, IT departments will spend more than $1 trillion on SaaS applications and cloud services, a 288% increase from 2020. As organizations increasingly rely on SaaS, IT leaders must know their data backup responsibilities.

However, 79% of IT teams believe that SaaS applications include backup and recovery capabilities by default, which they don’t.

This report explores:

  • How data loss happens within SaaS applications
  • How much IT professionals know about their responsibilities in backing up SaaS data 
  • Strategies for data loss and prevention in the cloud

Find out where you stand in the industry—and how to begin safeguarding your business-critical data.

Here’s a sneak peek at what we found:


of IT professionals aren’t aware of their responsibility to back up their SaaS data.


said human error has caused data loss in their organization.


said third-party apps/integrations have caused data loss in their organization.