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Superior Commission

200% one-time payouts and uncapped commissions make earning extra income easy.

Ready-Made Resources

Marketing resources and expert advice enable you to explain the importance of SaaS backups to your audience and promote a safer and more secure Internet.

Data Security Made Simple

Straight forward, easy-to-understand information empowers you to become a subject matter expert and set a new standard for safeguarding cloud data.

It pays to have a backup plan

Here’s how much you could be earning through the Rewind Affiliate Program.
Plan Size Commission
$39 $80
$59 $120
$99 $200
$299 $600
$399 $800
Plan Size Commission
1 file $10
2-10 files $100
11-25 files $300
26-50 files $600
51+ files $800
Plan Size Commission
$39 $80
$59 $120
$99 $200
$299 $600
$399 $800

Leaders in data backup and recovery

Trusted by over 100,000 organizations, Rewind secures over 53 billion data points worldwide.




Who makes a good affiliate? Hopefully, you!

You’re a consultant

Differentiate yourself as a data security pro by teaching your clients about cloud backups and helping them install the right solution.

You’re a content creator

You’ve spent time cultivating an audience. Help give peace of mind by publishing jargon-free content that makes data security simple.

You’re a thought leader

There are still those who think SaaS platforms can restore account-level data. Use your influence to help debunk data security myths.

You’re an accounting firm

Data security is a competitive advantage. Protect your clients – and your profitability – with total control of your cloud data.

You’re a bookkeeper

Help your clients stay up-to-date and ensure they're audit-ready by bringing data security to cloud-based accounting.

You love Rewind

You already recommend Rewind to your friends and followers, so get compensated by joining our affiliate program.

You're a theme developer

Cut down on customer support tickets and help your clients restore critical data in minutes with version history at your fingertips.

You don’t have to sit there and say ‘we’re losing money because of this.’ You know that Rewind’s got your back.

Nick Lococo
General Manager of Rx Smart Gear

If I had known ecommerce platforms do not provide full backups and can’t restore your site; I would have been using Rewind from day one.

Matt Davis
Whisker Seeker

Merchants getting acclimated to Shopify can accidentally delete or do something they shouldn’t. Rewind is a time-saver and an insurance to help us recover what was deleted instead of having to rebuild.

Michael Morales
Co-Founder of MauKau
Michael Morales MauKau

Finally, we have a real undo option. This solution is a game-changer for anyone doing bookkeeping on the cloud.

Geni Whitehouse
CPA & International Keynote Speaker
Geni Whitehouse, CPA, testimonial for Rewind Backups in cloud accounting

For anyone who is on the fence about Rewind and if a backup is needed for QuickBooks Online — just do it now

Kellie Parks
Calmwaters Cloud Accounting
Kelly Waters, Cloud Accounting, Rewind Backups testimonial

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  1. Share Your Referral Link. We give each affiliate partner a referral link. Share it with your network, however you like.
  2. Get Paid. You can earn up to $800 commission when your referral becomes a paying customer. Your one-time commission payment will be available for cash-out, via PayPal or Stripe, 30 days after the sale.
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Once the funds are released, you can withdraw your commission payment at any time.

All commission payments are verified and released 30 days after your referral completes the 7-day free trial and becomes a paying customer.

Nope! There are no limits to how many referrals you can make or much you can earn.

The commission will change if your referral upgrades or downgrades their plan within the 30 day verification period. The payment will match the new plan selection. See the commission structures above for detailed information on the payment per plan.

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