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BigCommerce doesn’t backup your store, it backs up its platform. Your store—and its backups—are in your hands.

This is why BigCommerce recommends Rewind Backups

“Data loss and the resulting downtime can be devastating to an ecommerce business. The Rewind for BigCommerce solution gives BigCommerce sellers the security they need to focus on growing their business — not recovering lost data.

We’re pleased to be able to offer Rewind’s excellent integration and world-class customer support to our customers.”

MaryAnn Bekkedahl

SVP of Global Business Development, BigCommerce

How do Merchants Lose Store Data?

Human Error

Multiple people editing your store without an “undo” button is a recipe for disaster. Even a small mistake while editing your theme code can break the functionality of your entire store.

Malicious Attacks

The risk of a random attack by a hacker is a legitimate concern for any online business. But malicious attacks are just as likely from a disgruntled employee or contractor.

Software Glitches

The most common offenders are integrations with 3rd party software (ex. inventory management apps) and CSV imports. They can make large, unwanted changes to your store.

Protect Your Store

You rely on your BigCommerce store to run your business. Protect your data by backing it up to Rewind’s secure cloud service. Any time you lose or accidentally delete data, quickly and easily restore it to any previous point in time.

Recover from small mistakes or big disasters in minutes – instead of spending weeks rebuilding.

"The app does exactly what it says it does.

We have tested it by deleting a group of products on purpose and then instantly rewinding them to their original state. The backup is automatic and occurs daily seamlessly. Set it and forget it until you need it.”

David King


We’ve been building backup software since 2015. Rewind backups are trusted by over 10,000 businesses to protect their data.

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