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Larissa Hildebrandt | Last updated on August 24, 2023 | 3 minute read

When we talked to ecommerce merchants and Klaviyo partner agencies, we were struck with
how much revenue ecommerce brands were attributing to Klaviyo. Many credited it with being
their biggest driver of last-touch revenue, often more than any other single marketing channel.
Without a backup, that’s putting a lot of revenue at risk. A simple error could erase precious
Klaviyo data forever: Something as big as deleting your welcome flow, or as simple as saving
edits to the wrong template. One thing is for sure: To keep Klaviyo up and running is to keep
sales moving.

Today, Rewind backs up 10 platforms across the SaaS world, but we started by giving peace of
mind to ecommerce brands by backing up their critical online store data like themes and product
detail pages. With Klaviyo, we’re expanding beyond just your store to help you protect more of
your critical ecommerce tech stack. Just like your theme, your email marketing is an integral
part of what keeps your business moving. However, until now, there hasn’t been a way to keep
up-to-date backups of your Klaviyo data. With Rewind Backups for Klaviyo, you can forget the out-of-date CSV lists and screenshots of your flows – or worse, being left starting from scratch after an honest mistake. With Rewind, you can now rest easy knowing that your Klaviyo data is
protected, automatically.

If I had known ecommerce platforms do not provide full backups and can’t restore your site; I would have been using Rewind from day one.

Matt Davis, founder of Whisker Seeker Tackle

Keep your segmentation strong, no matter what happens

Ecommerce brands know that the power of Klaviyo is in its segmentation. This segmentation is
what lets you send fewer emails, but only send them to those with the highest intent to buy.
Every brand wants a database of subscribers that are ready to purchase, but building that can
take years of hard work. Years of opt-in forms, giveaways, and in-person events. Years of
collecting data like buying patterns and interests. Without an up-to-date backup, that’s years of
data that could be wiped out by a few wrong clicks or a bad CSV upload.

Rebuild lost campaigns – quickly

Your email campaigns are at the heart of your success with Klaviyo.If your email campaigns were accidentally deleted today, how long would it take you to rebuild them from scratch? Not only would it take your team and agency’s time, you likely perfected your campaigns over time through many iterations. That data is priceless. With Rewind, you always have an overview of your campaigns at the ready – and your backup is never more than 24 hours old. Rebuild your marketing emails in a fraction of the time with a daily snapshot.

Protect your brand from compliance risks

Anyone who sends marketing emails or SMS campaigns knows how critical it is to keep compliance details, like opt-in consent, up-to-date. Not only is it best practice (and better for your list hygiene) to only email those who want to hear from you, it’s also critical to keep those details on hand for compliance
in multiple countries. By keeping automated backups, you can sleep easy knowing that you
have backups of when and where everyone in your database opted into your messages.

How does Rewind Backups for Klaviyo work?

Once you connect Rewind to your Klaviyo account, we automatically take a backup of your data
every 24 hours, and store that backup for 365 days. You also have the ability to manually back up your account at any time with the click of a button. Daily backups are sufficient for most, but the manual option is there in case you’re making significant updates or working on a critical campaign (like, say, Black Friday) and want some extra peace of mind.

Learn more about what Klaviyo data items we back up.

Get peace of mind for Klaviyo on autopilot

With Q4 around the corner, there’s never been a better time to put a backup plan in place for
your Klaviyo data. Let your team focus on BFCM planning and making the changes they need to
make in Klaviyo, stress-free. For a short time, we’re offering Klaviyo free for two months to help you prep for Q4. If you sign up using code KLAVIYOLAUNCH23 by September 30th, 2023, your first two months of backups are on us. If anything goes wrong in Klaviyo this Q4, you’ll be a hero. What are you waiting for?

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