Customer Story: Tiny Technologies

Daniel Heitz | Last updated on April 13, 2023 | 1 minute read

We are excited to start our series on customer success stories.

Tiny Technologies shared with us how they used BackHub to seamlessly and quickly support their GitHub migration.

Dylan Just, a Software Architect at Tiny Technologies recounted the problem they faced with consolidating their 3 GitHub organizations and various source code hosting solutions. Time was of the essence, as it often is with busy development teams, and using an out-of-the-box solution, such as BackHub, can be not only a time-saver, but also a life-saver when it comes to having a complete piece of mind. Tiny Technologies reported a seamless setting up process and that BackHub helped them their GitHub migration successful. From one software company to another, making customers’ lives easier is what building products is all about. Hearing directly from customers why you’re standing out among other solutions is always the most positive experience.

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