How to Prepare a new QuickBooks Online Destination File for Copy

by Kellie Parks | October 23, 2020

Once the originating QuickBooks Online (QBO) file is copied, it is time to prepare the destination file. It is important to spend a few minutes running through the new file to ensure that the settings will match the originating file regardless if you are using Rewind QuickBooks Online Copy or doing this manually.

In this guide, learn how to:

  • Prepare a QuickBooks Online destination file.
  • Manually update file settings.

Manually Updating the Destination File Settings

First, click the “Gear” icon, go into “Account and Settings,” and then “Company.” If you are not using Rewind Copy, add in the logo, company information, and business information. Make sure that the front-page information is up to date. You need to recreate this information when doing a manual copy. Rewind Copy will automatically bring over this information.

Next, go into “Sales.” Import your forms from your old QuickBooks Online copy if you are not using Rewind. Add in classes, locations, projects, and recurring transactions. Also add in employee and year-to-date information even if you are using Rewind.

Make sure that the “Messages” setting came over correctly if you are using Rewind. When doing a manual copy, you need to recreate all of the information in the “Sales” and “Expenses” tabs. You also need to set up “QuickBooks Payments” again in the new file.

In the “Advanced” settings, regardless if you are using Rewind Copy or doing this manually, you will have to recreate some of this information. If you are tracking classes and locations, ensure that it is turned on. If you are using projects, time-tracking, multicurrency, and sales tax, ensure that these are also turned on.

If you are not using Rewind Copy, you need to redo all your settings. If you are using Rewind, you will only have to turn on the modules in the “Advanced” tab that will not automatically be turned on.

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