Introducing Yearly Plans

by Daniel Heitz | Last updated on November 20, 2014

Today we are introducing yearly plans. This has been requested a lot, especially by our corporate users.

Yearly plans can be a great way to simplify bookkeeping if, for example, you’re required to submit expense reports every time you use your credit card. With our new yearly plans you have to do that only once a year. 

Having a yearly plan you can still cancel or change your plan at any time. Let’s say you are downshifting from a higher plan, BackHub will automatically calculate the difference in price and make a refund on the next bill.

Of course, monthly plans are still available. And for enterprise customers, we offer custom plans taking into consideration their particular requirement and catering towards it. We’re also piloting our private instance program, so do get in touch if you would like to discuss other options of using our product. 

BackHub is devoted to taking all customer feedback on board and upgrading its products accordingly. As always, if you have any feedback, please contact us anytime. Either drop us a line via email or talk to us directly through chat. 

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