New Feature: Security History

by Christian Schlack | Last updated on July 12, 2022

While working on the audit log for our enterprise customers, we also enabled viewing of security history for account activity on any BackHub account. It’s similar to what you see in the security history of your GitHub account.

We are logging all events related to your personal user. These events are:

  • User logout/login
  • Clone from BackHub on/off
  • Installation access removed/added

When you click on the event, you see a few related details:

  • Action (The action that has been logged)
  • Timestamp (ISO Timestamp)
  • Location (The city and country based on GeoIP data)
  • Device (Your Browser and OS)
  • User (Your GitHub username)


We will soon launch the Audit Log for enterprise customers. The Audit Log will contain every event related to your installation, such as backup creation, update, and failure. Watch this space for more information about this coming feature. If you prefer receiving direct communications about feature updates, please subscribe to our email list below.

Also, we already run a private beta for this feature. If you are interested in testing it and providing feedback, please contact us at or ping us in the chat.

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