NEW! Sync GitHub repository backups to Amazon S3

Daniel Heitz | Last updated on April 1, 2019 | 1 minute read

Today, we are releasing Cloud Sync, the most-requested feature to date. Cloud Sync is an option for automatically syncing your GitHub repository backups to your own Amazon S3 storage, with other cloud storage providers to be supported in future.

Until now, backups have been stored on our data storage only, so customers lack direct access to them. Backups have only been accessible through the user interface for download, restore or by cloning from our server via SSH.

Thanks to feedback we get from our customers, we have learned that you want to:

  • Connect your own cloud storage
  • Have full control over your data
  • Access your data anytime
  • Further process data, and
  • Set custom backup retention patterns

Cloud Sync lets you connect an Amazon S3 bucket of your choice and get all your GitHub repository backups synced on a daily basis, including metadata. Once your backups are synced, you can access them anytime, even if GitHub and Backhub were both to be down.

With your backups in S3, you can also further process the data, e.g., to make a local copy of all backups on a regular basis. By activating versioning for your bucket, you can extend the backup retention beyond the 30 days covered by backup snapshots. You can also easily archive backups to Amazon Glacier on a regular basis.

If you have other scenarios on how you want to apply this new capability, please share it with us. In the near future we will support other storage solutions, such as Azure and others.

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