We’re looking for Pilot Customers to try BackHub Private Instance

Daniel Heitz | Last updated on May 17, 2022 | 1 minute read

Many customers have asked if they could run BackHub as a private instance in their own AWS environment.

While this idea isn’t new, we are now in a much better position to provide such a solution because we have rebuilt our whole infrastructure on AWS services.

BackHub run as a private instance makes a lot of sense, especially for Enterprises that have to back up several GitHub Organizations and / or several thousand repositories.

Another reason to run BackHub as a Private Instance could be strict security requirements that don’t allow you to transfer data to a third party, other than your hosting provider that is already SOC2 and / or ISO certified.

We are currently looking for pilot customers who want to try out this solution and provide feedback during implementation and operation in the first few months. You will be purchasing a licence to run the software with a discount for pilot use. We will report on our findings during this pilot phase at a later date. If you want to join the pilot, please contact sales@rewind.com. 

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