Securing GitHub repositories with BackHub – an FAQ roundup

Daniel Heitz | Last updated on May 17, 2022 | 1 minute read

Today we have a super-quick post to answer a few frequent questions we get at BackHub.

Have you ever wondered if you can…

  • Restore any GitHub repository?
  • Clone a repository anytime?
  • Sync to your own cloud storage?
  • Access repository data even if GitHub is down?
  • Back up more than 900 repositories?
  • Recover from a disaster?
  • Easily get more quick answers?

The one, super-quick answer to ALL these questions is…


(Because we like to say YES, and we “back it up!”)

So here are the nuggets …

Can I restore any GitHub repository?
YES. Restore any repository backup from a daily snapshot.

Can I clone a repository from BackHub servers?
YES. Check for SSH key, open Settings, click Clone.

Can I sync to my own cloud storage?
YES, on Amazon S3 (and other cloud storage in future).

Can I access repository data even if GitHub is down?
YES, once you have synced to your own cloud storage.

Can I back up more than 1200 repositories?
YES, with an Enterprise Plan you can back up an unlimited amount of repositories (we also offer storage based plans for very large accounts).

Can I easily get more quick answers?
YES! We aim to be succinct in our FAQ yet provide the important detail. Dip into them anytime! Read more at Rewind’s Backhub help centre…

Want to see more super-quick Q&A? Feel free to let us know on Support Chat or email:

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