3 simple ways to protect your online store

A brief overview of some of the easiest ways to supercharge your store security.

A peek at what’s inside:

Tip #1: Password security

We’ll walk you through what makes a strong password, how you can better manage your passwords, and even the easiest way to connect your password to a second layer of security for your store.

Tip #2: Managing access

Get advice on how to monitor who and what has access to your store. We cover the different things to consider, and best practices for choosing the right access permissions.

Tip #3: Backups, the bonus security feature

Can data backups really be used to make sure your store stays secure? We go over how and why a good backup strategy can help keep not only your data protected, but also your business.

I feel much more confident building our online store knowing that if I mess up, we're good. We've got that backup.

Julia Friesen
Ecommerce Product Manager @ Knix
Julia Friesen, Ecommerce Manager

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