Why Automated GitHub Data Backup & Recovery is Critical

In this webinar, our Senior Software Developer and GitHub Backups technical lead, James Stansfield, talks about why companies of all sizes need GitHub backups and what some pitfalls of using inhouse solutions are. This webinar also covers how Rewind can solve these real life problems and real use cases from Rewind’s customers.
preventing data loss with automated github backups and data recovery

Who is this Webinar for?

Companies of all sizes using GitHub for their software development process can benefit from this webinar. Whether you’re looking to improve your company’s disaster recovery practices, meet your compliance needs or automate GitHub backups, this webinar will provide valuable insights.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why GitHub does not backup your account data
  • How GitHub is more than just code (and what that means for your backups)
  • Disadvantages for working copy as a backup
  • Drawbacks of developing an inhouse backup solution
  • Why GitHub metadata is important 
  • Restoring backups and things that can go wrong
  • Compliance, disaster recovery, and GitHub backups
  • Use cases from real companies
Backups for GitHub


James Stansfield is a Senior Software Developer at Rewind with over twenty years of experience. He is the lead developer for GitHub backups, as well as other projects. Prior to joining Rewind, James has worked as a developer for several leading companies such as eBay Classifieds and CGI.