Backups for Microsoft 365

Keep your business-critical MS365 data protected with Rewind Backups. Stay productive and secure with automated backups, ensuring your vital data is always within reach.

25,000+ organizations trust Rewind with their business-critical cloud application data.

Automated daily backups

No configuration required! Your first full backup begins as soon as you connect Rewind, and a regular, incremental, backup is automatically scheduled to capture ongoing changes. Rest easy knowing your data is protected from accidental loss and malicious activity that can cost time and money to rebuild.

Off site backup solutions. A purple graphic visualization of the benefits of off site data backups.

Full & item level restore

Rewind gives you the flexibility to recover a single item, or your entire system, back to any recorded point in time. Easily search versions of your recent backups, find your missing data, and request a restore from a single, intuitive, interface.

Secure storage included

Security of your data is our #1 priority. Rewind provides storage with your subscription and protects your data with end-to-end AES-256-bit encryption and a host of security and compliance features you can count on including Single Sign-On, choice of data residency, and 365-day data retention.

A graphic representation of a dial lock between a cloud data lake and a cyber attacker.