Beverage pro ends her search for Trello backups – but not before a close brush with data loss

Sy Linsley is a food and beverage industry professional and self-declared hard cider enthusiast. After living several years as a fruitarian, she’s now settled into her dream job at Old Orchard Brands, a producer of juice blends.

Linsley’s job requires her to be exceptionally organized. In her role as a Project Manager, she manages a supply program of bulk concentrate blends to craft beverage companies.

“I’m interacting with breweries, wineries, and distilleries; I’m in production scheduling, customer service, marketing, samples, and sales. All this keeps me on my toes. And that’s why I rely so much on Trello to keep my sanity.”

Keeping it real

But Linsley is also pragmatic when it comes to data security. She knows that no business is immune to unexpected data breaches. From governments to gas pipelines, no data is completely safe from a breach.

“I’m realistic that even large companies that seem to have it together could have something go wrong,” she says.

Mindful of the importance of the data captured in her Trello boards, Linsley’s always made an effort to protect it. For years, she searched in vain for an automated Trello backup solution.  One day, she thought her quest for a solution was over, only to realize it only worked on Windows Vista. As a Mac user, it was a non-starter.

While continuing to search for an automated Trello backup, Linsley relied on a bespoke and clunky workaround of manually exporting the data on her cards, lists, and boards.

But that presented two problems: she would frequently forget to export her Trello data, often going weeks or sometimes months without a “fresh backup.” She knew that if she were to lose data, she wouldn’t know what to do with her backup file.

Trello doesn’t provide users with a native import tool, so re-uploading backed up information back into the platform requires some finessing and technical expertise. Sure, she had the information, but restoring it would require her to rebuild over 100 boards manually. Without a way of importing data back into Trello in case of an emergency, Linsley’s makeshift backups were virtually meaningless.

A bad day

Linsley found out just how disruptive even a relatively minor data loss could be when unbeknownst to her, her internet connection failed while she was making some large-scale changes and updates to her main board. After she’d finished and hit “refresh,” – everything reverted back!

“That frustrated me because I needed to try to recall exactly what I’d done – and now needed to completely re-do. That was a stressful day.”

After this small brush with data loss, Linsley’s eyes were opened to just how devastating a major data breach could be to her workflow.

Regular Trello backup updates for peace of mind

When looking for a backup solution, two features were important to Linsley – and she found both in Rewind:

  • Email notifications that confirmed that backups were taking place
  • A historical record of all backups that have taken place for additional peace of mind

Rewind Backups for Trello sends users weekly backup summaries confirming that her account is being backed up. Unlike Linsley’s homemade backup solution, Rewind can restore information directly back into Trello – no rebuilding required. If something were to happen and her data was corrupted or deleted, Linsley could restore her Trello in minutes, saving thousands of hours of work and preserving the efficiency of her operational workflow.

Interested in Trello backups?

Unfortunately, in today’s modern cloud-based world, data loss is almost inevitable. Over 90% of data loss is caused by human error; mistakes happen to all of us. Third-party web apps, including Trello, can’t restore individual accounts, even for a fee.

You can’t stop the rain, but you can buy flood insurance. A good backup is like insurance for your data: if something goes wrong, you know you won’t be left in the lurch, rebuilding boards from scratch. Rewind Backups protects the mission-critical information stored in Trello with automated, daily backups.

If you have feelings of uncertainty around the safety of your mission-critical data, follow in Linsley’s footsteps by installing the Backups for Trello Power-Up. Setup takes less than a minute.

If you’re looking to protect 100+ boards, contact to inquire about our volume discount plans.

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