Replay – Shopify Store Copy

Replay is built for Shopify merchants who want to copy or sync data between multiple stores. Create multi-language or multi-currency stores, build out a wholesale or test store, and more.

Fast, automatic copies

Automatically copy products, product images, collections, pages, blogs, and themes from one store to another – or to many stores.

There are no limits or restrictions on the number of items being copied by Replay and you don’t have to worry about manual time-consuming exports.

4 Reasons to Duplicate a Shopify Store

Multi Currency

Go local and improve your customer experience by offering products in the currency that they know and use every day.

Multi Language

Clone your Shopify store so you can go beyond simple translations to truly speak to customers in their native language.

Test Store

Enjoy complete creative freedom to test changes – without any risk of negatively impacting your live store.

Wholesale Store

For merchants with unique products, wholesale stores can be very profitable. Enable partners to place wholesale orders online.

Sell to more people

Instantly clone products, blogs, themes and more to create multiple-currency and multiple-language stores so you can grow your store in other parts of the world.

Store Copy Made Simple

Who is Replay for?

Merchants, agencies, or developers who manage multiple Shopify stores. They often sell to international markets and want to provide a better user experience. It’s also great to test code changes before publishing them to a live site.

Exclude certain product details

Want to copy a select few product details? You can exclude some product details, like prices and images, so products are up to date across multiple stores without overwriting shop-specific info.

Update, Don’t Copy

Maintain a continuous, automatic copy between your stores. Replay will update an item in the destination store if the item has the same handle as the one it’s copying.

Learn more about how to duplicate or clone your Shopify store with our in-depth Replay blog.

Running multiple stores?

Replay can copy from one store to multiple stores, all at once.

FAQ: What can Replay copy from one store to another?
  • Products and product images 
  • Product metadata (Unlimited plan only)
  • Smart collections and custom collections
  • Themes and theme assets
  • Your blog and blog posts
  • Pages
FAQ: What is Replay unable to copy?

Shopify does not allow the following items to be copied:

  • Third-party apps (and their respective data)
  • Metadata for collections
  • Shipping zones/rates
  • Store settings
  • Customers
  • Navigation
  • Orders
  • Files

Spend less time managing your stores.

$0.20 per item copied

For one-time copies

✓ Just $0.20 for each item copied ($3 minimum)

Phone, live chat, and email support 

Don’t worry, you will see the charge amount before you approve payment


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If copying to more than 1 store: $29 per additional store

✓  For unlimited, automated copies

✓  Supports up to 100,000 products

✓  Continuously copy and sync stores

✓ Phone, live chat, and email support

Contact sales@rewind.io for larger stores


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*Before you can perform the store copy, you must be subscribed to Replay and have it installed in both stores.

All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.