Q: How do backups help with audit compliance?


Backups aren’t just essential for daily operations: repository backups are essential if you’re seeking to achieve or maintain SOC2 compliance. SOC2 auditors will check that backups of certain application and database components are performed daily. Code backups support recovery in the event of a service failure, and they’re one more safeguard to help get your software back in the hands of your customers – quickly.

SOC (System and Organizational Control) is an audit that rates companies on their performance in TSC (Trust Service Criteria). These guidelines cover everything from databases and software applications to cloud management and even marketing campaigns.

Becoming SOC2 compliant can feel like a huge undertaking, so it’s essential to break the process into bite-sized chunks. The goal of SOC2 is to create a set of guidelines that will lead to applications built with privacy, security, availability, integrity, and confidentiality in mind.

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