Q: How do I backup my QuickBooks Online account(s) before an import?


Let’s freshen up our memory with an overview of importing and exporting with this table provided by QuickBooks:

It is crucial to understand that once your data is imported it can not be undone.

Backing up your QuickBooks Online data is essential as there are various issues you can encounter when importing a customer, vendor, or supplier contacts from Outlook, Excel or Gmail. In turn, these issues can result in data being deleted or disrupted, causing unwanted changes in your books.

Rewind offers three ways for you to back up your data:

  1. Daily, automatic account backup that occurs each night at 12 am (local time)
  2. Real-time backups that occur while you work
  3. Run a manual backup whenever you want!

If you are making changes to your CSV file right before importing you will want to run a manual backup (option 3) before importing the data into your account(s). This will ensure that all your business-critical data is safe and secure in your Rewind Vault- if something were to go wrong with your import you will the ability to restore the account to the moment it was before you made the CSV import. Otherwise, option 1 and 2 are sufficent to ensure your data is backed up.

For more information about data security, check out our ebook: Online Data Security for Accounting Professionals

Rewind is the ultimate security tool for keeping your company’s and clients’ data safe. It also saves you time and effort spent troubleshooting import/export issues.