Q: How does Rewind compare to ChronoBooks?


Rewind and ChronoBooks provide backups and copy for QuickBooks Online – a topic that many Accounting Professionals are talking about right now. Since you’re here, you’ve likely heard a bit about both solutions.

There’s no denying that having backups of your clients’ QuickBooks Online accounts is an important data security practice for your firm. That is why you are likely wondering: when it comes to Rewind vs ChronoBooks, which should you choose?

Obviously, this is a review written by Rewind. But one of our team’s core values is being honest with customers so we aimed to make this comparison objective and thorough.

We’ve done this to save you time and, quite frankly, to get more people talking about backing up QuickBooks Online. If you find this guide helpful, feel free to pass it along to others.

November 2019 update: ChronoBooks is acquired by Intuit.

February 2020 update: ChronoBooks is now only available for QuickBooks Online Advanced in the U.S. It is no longer available to backup, copy, or restore QuickBooks Online company data for QuickBooks Online Simple Start, Essentials, or Plus plans, nor is it available to QuickBooks Online customers in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and India.

June 2020 update: Rewind Copy for QuickBooks Online is now available as a beta feature of Rewind Backups.

Rewind and ChronoBooks Pros and Cons

  • Restore 1 item, multiple items, or the entire company file
  • Rollback to any date and time
  • Strict and documented security policies
  • Backup Shopify, Shopify Plus, and BigCommerce in addition to QuickBooks Online
  • Can be used to make a local backup which can be imported back into QuickBooks Online for audit
  • Copy a company file into another, empty company file
  • Rewind does not backup Payroll and Inventory Adjustments
  • Rollback the entire company file to any date and time
  • Can be used to make a local backup
  • Use to copy a file into a new shell
  • Can only restore the entire company file at a time – so you may have to redo some work that you didn’t want to rollback
  • Limited documentation of security policies
  • Local backup is in CSV format which cannot be imported back into QuickBooks Online for audit
  • No longer available to backup, copy, or restore QuickBooks Online company data for QuickBooks Online Simple Start, Essentials, or Plus plans.

Comparing how they backup data

Rewind and ChronoBooks use Intuit’s APIs in order to pull data from QuickBooks Online for backups and to push data back into the company file for restores. In order to be truly useful, a great backup should strive to capture as much data as possible in regular intervals. Both Rewind and ChronoBooks strive to back up as much data as possible.

We created a spreadsheet of 51 different items in QuickBooks Online with a side by side comparison of which of these items you can backup and restore using Rewind and ChronoBooks, and which you cannot. Click here to download the spreadsheet (.xlsx).

Some things you’ll notice:

  • ChronoBooks backs up Payroll and Inventory Adjustments, which Rewind currently does not.
  • There are 14 items which both Rewind and ChronoBooks cannot back up. Unfortunately, Intuit does not provide API access to all QuickBooks Online data. For example, it is not possible to backup or restore any data from the banking module.

Another difference is how data is backed up. Rewind backs up each item individually, while ChronoBooks takes a snapshot backup of the entire company file. This difference has an impact on how each app is able to restore data – explained in the next section.

How much data is backed up35/51 items37/51 items
Are attachments backed upYesYes
When is data backed up
  • Continuous (within 5-10 minutes after a change has been made
  • Daily at midnight (local time)
  • “Backup now” option available
  • Continuous (within 5-10 minutes after change has been made)
How is data backed upEach item is backed up individually – allowing for individual item restoresSnapshot backup (all items backed up together)
Can you create a local backup (export the data)Yes – exported in JSON format, which presents the raw data. A developer can be re-import it into QuickBooks Online in the event of an auditYes – exported in CSV format.

Comparing how they restore and copy data

Restoring data is the real meat and potatoes of backups. And this is where we see some big differences between the Rewind and ChronoBooks approach.

Because Rewind backs up individual items, we are able to restore individual items. This means you can be really selective about what you choose to restore. You can pick exactly which part of the file you want to roll back and restore that part without interfering with other parts of the file. In addition to single item restore, Rewind also offers complete file restores.

ChronoBooks, on the other hand, offers only complete file restores. If you need to go back in time, the way to do so it by restoring the entire file back to an earlier version.

Options to restore data
  • Restore/undo 1 item
  • Restore/undo multiple items in bulk
  • Restore entire company file
  • Select an exact date and time
  • Restore entire company file
  • Select an exact date and time
Copying data from one QuickBooks Online file to anotherNow available as a beta feature (June 2020)Available

Which has better customer support?

(June 2020) Rewind has a 4.8 out of 5-star rating in the QuickBooks App Store, while ChronoBooks has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating. 

ChronoBooks is managed and supported by two people, the creator of the app and a supporting team member. This is a pro if you get support from the person who built the app but likely isn’t scalable to support larger accounting firms.

Rewind’s team of 30+ includes a staff dedicated to support accountants in addition to the developer team. Having a bigger team means we are able to support more customers even as we continue to grow and add new features. Rewind also offers a 1-800 number for phone support.

Apps.com average rating (out of 5 stars)4.8 rating with 100+ reviews4.2 rating with 100+ reviews
Ways to get support
  • Phone
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Knowledge base
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Knowledge base
Company size30+2
Support hoursMonday-Friday, 9am-7pm ESTSame-day response

Rewind and ChronoBooks pricing plans

Price is not a differentiator between Rewind and ChronoBooks, unless your firm is working with over 100 QuickBooks Online clients and are looking for a bulk discount. To learn about bulk pricing, you have to get in touch with each company.

For a single company file$10/month$10/month
For ProAdvisors$5/month/company file$5/month/company file
Free trial period7 days14 days
Referrals3 company files backed up for free for 6 months (for both parties)$50 credit

Which has better data security?

You can’t talk about backups without talking about security.

Rewind’s security policy can be found at rewind.com/security and it outlines what we do to keep your data secure on three levels: people, applications, and physical security. We also outline the regular 3rd-party security audits we use and a link to the Rewind status page. Rewind’s commitment to data security enables us to meet all the requirements of security-conscious firms.

ChronoBooks’ security policy is as follows: “In accordance with Intuit, ChronoBooks annually passes a third-party security review. We use industry-standard encryption to store and transport data.”

Where is data storedUS or Canadian data center, based on customer preferenceNot specified
Security policiesStrict and documented security policies – outlined at rewind.com/securityLimited documentation of security policies
Status pageYes (See above)No


Backing up QuickBooks Online is a simple but fundamental way to protect your business (or your clients) from painful data problems.

We hope this article helps you to make an informed choice when it comes to backing up your client’s data. If you have additional questions or want to learn more about leveraging Rewind in your practice, you can get in touch with our team using this link.