A Great Year for BackHub – 2018

by Daniel Heitz | Last updated on May 17, 2022

At BackHub we recently celebrated our first year anniversary in the GitHub Marketplace.

We’re very happy about our partnership in the GitHub Marketplace, and proud of how far we came in 2018.

I’ll briefly share how we provided substantial value to customers during this productive and exciting year.

Launch of BackHub on GitHub Marketplace

Just before the 2018 new year, we launched BackHub on GitHub Marketplace. To qualify for the marketplace, BackHub had to pass a very rigorous security audit.

BackHub on GitHub Marketplace has become our premier offering because it provides a more robust service than our initial offering, BackHub Basic. Backup snapshots and integrated GitHub billing are of particular relevance to our customers.

Enhanced Security with Separate Restore App

We moved the Restore functionality into a separate app. With this separation of functionality, read permissions are needed solely for the Backup app. You grant write permissions for repositories only when restoring. For even more enhanced security, you can remove the Restore app, along with its permissions, after the restore has completed.

Clone Directly from BackHub

You can now clone any of your GitHub repository backups directly from the BackHub servers. Any snapshots available for a specific backup can also be cloned. Cloning is especially helpful if GitHub is ever unavailable. Read more …

Up-to-Date GDPR Compliance and DPA

Our terms and privacy policy are compliant with the GDPR regulations that came into effect on May 25, 2018. The new regulations stipulate that if a company handles any data of private persons, and stores that data on someone else’s computer (i.e., a sub-processor, such as google drive, github, or backhub), the company must ensure that all sub-processors are GDPR-compliant by signing a Data Processing Agreement (DPA). We therefore developed a DPA that customers can download and sign.

Reliable Download for Large Data Packages

We took steps to ensure that download of large data packages (up to 500MB) works reliably. There is a download zip of the full repository and all its branches, and you can choose from which snapshot to download.

Significant Performance Improvements

Since we now have enterprise customers with 3000+ repositories, we have ensured that BackHub can efficiently and reliably handle 3000+ backups.

We’ve improved the performance of the BackHub user interface to better meet the needs of enterprise customers. The main page listing all backups now loads much faster.

Overall Improved Usability, Reliability and Support

We continuously make improvements in usability, reliability and support. For example, we implemented counters to display installation progress, as well as the number of backups completed.

Support Chat was recently introduced during business hours for even faster support. Give it a try!

Referral Program

When you refer a friend or follower to BackHub you both get rewarded. For each signup, you get 10 free backups. The person or organization who signs up also gets 10 forever free backups.

Click the Gift icon

in the main menu to get going with referrals!

Thank You!

Thank you for using BackHub, recommending it to others, and sharing your valuable feedback on how we can keep improving our product.

We are also very grateful for the outstanding support from GitHub Marketplace. We couldn’t have made so much progress in 2018 without this support. Especially noteworthy were the matching funds for BackHub promotion and being hosted at GitHub headquarters.

Stay tuned for news about what we’re up to in 2019!

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