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Sarah Bader | Last updated on May 5, 2023 | 5 minute read

If you’ve ever been burned by data loss in Trello, you’re not alone. Boards can store an enormous amount of your team’s critical business information and represent a major investment of your time and effort. Data deletion in Trello is permanent and can cause significant damage to businesses relying on it for their operations, not to mention a major headache trying to figure out what went wrong.

Creative Trello users have been building backup workarounds by creating copies of boards or exporting JSON data to store outside of Trello. Unfortunately, these solutions are messy, non-comprehensive, and incredibly time-consuming. Plus, if you’re not diligent about updating your copies, they will be out of date and not much help in a crisis.

Forget everything you know about making copies of your Trello boards because Rewind is bringing an undo button to Trello. Backups for Trello is an easy, automated backup and recovery solution to protect your Trello boards, cards, lists, and more.

“Rewind Backups for Trello gives me confidence that the time invested in managing our work in Trello is secure and backed up. I feel relieved knowing my data is protected.”

Peter Bonoff, Operations Manager, Curran Online.

We used the feedback from Trello users as a starting point. Backups for Trello protects the workflows powering your business so you can work safer and focus on what really matters – growing your business.

If you’ve been manually copying your Trello boards, today’s your lucky day. Rewind restores your Trello data in just a few clicks. It’s Backups Made Easy.

How Rewind for Trello Can Help Your Business

  • Rewind runs an automatic backup every 24 hours.
  • Rewind stores the version history of your boards in the Rewind Vault.
  • Rewind offers you the ability to launch a manual backup whenever you need it.
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Why Back Up my Trello Boards?

Peace of mind

Collaborating with your colleagues in Trello should be productive, not stressful. Rewind Backups for Trello gives you peace of mind; any mistake can be undone. Granting a new employee – a Trello beginner – access to your carefully curated boards can be nerve-racking. What if they make a mistake that costs your business years’ worth of critical information? What if they simply mess up your workflow or delete a label, and everything looks wrong? Big mistakes or small, you’re still going to be spending time and money making things right.

Your Trello boards represent a huge investment of your team’s time and effort. Rewind Backups for Trello is like insurance for that investment. If something goes wrong, you can easily roll back your board in a few clicks and get right back to business.

Save time

  • If you’re one of the many Trello users manually backing up your data, Rewind will help you save an enormous amount of time. Say goodbye to endless CSV or JSON downloads – you’ve got better things to do.
  • Recovering or rebuilding boards, lists, and cards manually can take days if it’s even possible at all. Rewind can do it in seconds. Imagine what you could accomplish with that extra time?

Gain confidence

  • Rewind Backups is your safety net when adding teammates and testing new Power-Ups. Experiment with new features, try new automations, and collaborate with confidence. If anything goes wrong, Rewind’s got your back.

Secure your data

  • Keep accurate, accessible records of your Trello’s data history for audits.
  • Effortlessly adhere to security protocols.
  • Protect your business against ransomware, disgruntled employees, and other malicious actors with an up-to-date copy of all of the information stored on your Trello boards.

Reduce operational costs

  • Maintain business continuity without adding yet another item to your “to-do” card. Rewind Backups for Trello can serve as your disaster recovery plan. If the unthinkable happens, you’ll be back to business in a few clicks.


Our Rewind for Trello Development Journey

We’ve been backing up cloud-based SaaS data since 2015. We first started offering business owners peace of mind when we built Rewind Backups for Shopify. Since then, we’ve expanded to BigCommerce, Quickbooks Online, and GitHub.

In 2019, we started to explore other apps in need of protection. When we came across community board posts like the ones above, we realized Trello users could use our expertise. The posts we read suggested that while users rely on Trello to operate their business, they can’t trust Trello alone to keep that information safe. From simple mistakes to malware to Power Ups that don’t integrate properly, there’s just too much that could go wrong.

For the past year, we’ve been learning from Trello users like you. We learned that while the use cases for Trello are endless, one thing is constant – Trello users are worried that their workflows could disappear in one unfortunate click. We learned that Trello users are a problem-solving community we’d be lucky to serve. We learned that businesses large and small rely on their Trello boards for day-to-day operations, yet lack an easy method of backing that critical data up. And we fell in love with Taco, the cutest dog on Twitter, along the way.

“Trello is a master class in building a simple yet highly effective product that appeals to tens of millions of users. Simple is great for interacting with products, but you want comprehensive over simple when you are protecting your work. With Rewind Backups for Trello, you get to enjoy the simplicity and ease of use of Trello with the peace of mind that no change or mistake is irreversible.”

Dave Horne, Director of Product Management, Rewind.

“Rewind has a mission to back up the cloud, and Trello is a key tool that people use to manage projects and ensure their business runs smoothly. That’s exactly the type of data we want to protect – mission-critical data that would have a devastating impact on your business if something were to happen to it.”

Mike Potter, CEO & Co-Founder, Rewind.

Back up my Trello

From your household grocery list to your business operating plan, Trello is where vital information is stored, game-changing decisions are made, and work gets done. Yet that same critical information is left unprotected from errors, software conflicts, and malware. While using Trello can help you save time and get organized, it isn’t much good if you lose that precious work. Rewind Backups for Trello is like a parachute: you don’t ever want to need it, but if you do use it, you’ll be glad you had it all along.

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