Introducing the BackHub Partner Program

Daniel Heitz | Last updated on May 17, 2022 | 1 minute read

Our belief is that every developer should be empowered to build with peace of mind.

Today we’re proud to announce the next step in making that happen – the BackHub Partner Program (now part of Rewind).

We originally built BackHub to archive repositories for closed projects and be able to restore them easily if needed. We made our service publicly available because we felt it would be useful for others, and we were right!

However, we soon realized that most users just want backups. After a successful re-launch of BackHub, we built BackHub for the GitHub Marketplace. We also released some highly-requested features like the daily backup snapshots for 30 days and Cloud Sync to Amazon S3.

Today, over 750 customers trust and rely on our backup solution. BackHub is the only backup solution recognized and recommended by GitHub. Read our latest Customer Success stories to learn more.

Along with marketing materials and sales collaboration, we provide partners with a dedicated BackHub expert.

By launching the program, we want to learn from our partners. While working closely in providing maximum value to your customers.

We are kicking off the program by working closely with GitHub reseller partners located in North America and Europe.

Welcome to the BackHub Partner Program!

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