Worried about messing up while editing your online store?

What if you could ‘undo’ any change or mistake and bring your store back to normal?

More than 10,000 Shopify and BigCommerce merchants use Rewind to backup their store. We help you undo small mistakes and huge disasters so you can get your store back to normal. 


No need to hire a developer at +$50/hour to fix your store


We provide phone, email, and live chat support


Plans starting at $3/month

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Tell us about your store to get backup instructions 👇

Tell us about your store to get backup instructions 👉 

“As a store owner, I’m constantly messing around with my site…”

Michelle Goyette, Owner of UniqueWorldInspirations.com

After setting up my website to look exactly the way I envisioned it, I decided to outsource some back-end work through a trusted source, as my shop was loading too slowly. After I paid for the work and it was done, I logged into my shop to confirm that the issue was fixed, and instead found that the entire website was messed up!

I couldn’t scroll through the Homepage, the pictures were overlapping, the Products were incorrect – it seemed as though everything that could’ve possibly gone wrong had gone wrong.

I freaked out. With a very limited understanding of coding, I couldn’t even begin to understand the extent of what had been done to my store – much less, how to fix it. Of course, I no longer trusted the developer I hired to fix what they’d done, so what was I supposed to do (aside from have a mini meltdown)?

That’s when a lightbulb went off in my head, and I remembered: I have Rewind!

All I needed to do was guesstimate the moment before the coding changes were made – and before everything was broken – and then go into my Rewind Vault and select that date and time frame. Within just a few minutes, my website was back to normal!As a store owner, I’m constantly messing around with my site. I’m not an expert, but I’m trying to do all of this myself. When you start customizing things and you aren’t a webmaster, you make mistakes that are not always easy to fix.

It’s heartbreaking when you put your time, effort, and money – literally everything – into your business, and then a mistake happens. It doesn’t matter if it’s your fault or someone else’s; all it takes is one mistake to undo all of your progress.Now I have the confidence to do things myself, and if anything goes wrong, I don’t have to worry.

Michelle Goyette
Owner of Unique World Inspirations

Trusted by small businesses and large brands alike

Build Your Business with Confidence

Go ahead – try that new theme, change up your layout, test a new marketing app. With the peace of mind in knowing that your store is backed up, you have the freedom to work quickly and make changes. If anything does go wrong, you’ve got Rewind to undo it.