Automating Cloud Developer Operations in SaaS

A guide for separating what’s helpful from harmful in today’s work environment.

In many ways, Automation has become a buzzword. 

The idea of removing manual tasks sounds great in theory,

but can every task truly be automated?

Whether you are Chief Technical Officer, Site Reliability Engineer, IT Director or DevOps lead, we hope this book will help you answer questions like:

  • The signs you should be automating a task or process
  • Things you should NEVER automate
  • When to build an application and when to buy one
  • How to approach automation as the company grows

To help us navigate these topics, we’ve spoken to software development leaders and built this quick reference guide, to help you sort fact from fiction:

Lena Feygin

DevOps Team Leader at OwnBackup

Nigel Kersten

Field CTO at Puppet

James Ciesielski

Co-Founder of Rewind

Scott Sturgeon

CTO at Tugboat Logic by One Trust

About the Author

Dave “The Doctor” North

Dave North worked in the technology sector for over 25 years, currently working as the Vice President of Cloud Operations at Rewind. Prior to Rewind, Dave was a long-time member of Signiant, holding many roles in the organization including sales engineer, pro services, technical support manager, product owner, and DevOps director. A proven leader and innovator, Dave holds 5 US patents and helped drive Signiant’s move to a cloud SaaS business model with the award-winning Media Shuttle project. Prior to Signiant, Dave held several roles at Nortel, Bay Networks, and ISOTRO Network Management working on the NetID product suite. Dave is fanatical about cloud computing, automation, gadgets and Formula 1 racing.

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