Ecommerce agency solves critical data recovery issue for clients

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Startup Slang now uses Rewind in every project

Damiano Reveenthiran saw a world of opportunity open up while working as a Pro freelance Shopify developer on Fiverr. A new, digital economy had developed around him. Businesses could now build their own ecommerce store online more easily, and faster than ever before. It was from this societal shift that Startup Slang was born; a web design and development agency for ecommerce merchants. Since 2017, Damiano and his team have worked with merchants around the world to grow their online presence and scale their operations.

Hundreds of stores; One consistent problem

To date, Startup Slang has helped over 800 ecommerce businesses and grown their team to 30 full time members. With that much investment and experience with the ecommerce community, Damiano began to see some trends with his clients’ data and backups.

“There’s an utter lack of version control. If you make changes to your live store or the theme, you lose the original design in the process. Nothing is saved unless you remember to duplicate an old version of the theme. It’s a labour intensive, manual process that should be automated.”

It’s a gap within ecommerce platforms, which Damiano has seen play out time and time again.

There’s an utter lack of version control. If you make changes to your live store or the theme, you lose the original design in the process.

Damiano Reveenthiran,
Founder of Startup Slang

Unfortunately, ecommerce platforms don’t have built-in backup functionality, especially when it comes to his specific data, which he had lost.”

Shopify, like many ecommerce platforms, doesn’t save all the data and content businesses need to be up and running. The reason: they follow something called the Shared Responsibility Model of data storage.

In short, this means online software companies will take every initiative to ensure their product is always working. However, it’s the data and content unique to each ecommerce store, where the risk lies. Individual sites are responsible for backing up their own data. The list of items which need protecting encompasses: images, product descriptions, pages, customer lists, themes, menu navigation, and much more.

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Shared Responsibility Model

According to a recent survey conducted by Rewind, one in four ecommerce merchants have had data or content go missing from their store. Merchants may spend up to several days trying to restore everything, resulting in lost sales, a damaged SEO ranking, and a tarnished brand reputation.

Client after client started coming to us with problems with their data backups, but nothing was built into Shopify to solve the problem. We had to find a solution.

Damiano Reveenthiran

Installing the “Undo” button

As Damiano and his team searched for a solution, clients were seeing the major effects from even short periods of downtime for their stores.

After one too many phone calls from frantic clients, Damiano’s team found Rewind. His team first tested Rewind out themselves, within their own projects. Realizing the value it brought their clients, Startup Slang simply made Rewind mandatory for every new project. As a business owner, Damiano, says that saving time is a competitive advantage for both parties.

“Our clients just have too much to do. Between production, distribution, partnerships, traveling, and trade shows, our merchants don’t have time to play around with the backend of their store. That’s another reason why Rewind is so valuable.”

Specifically, Damiano recalls the story of a Jewelry business in Portland.

“One of our clients had asked us to work on a Shopify theme file. However, when we went in it, the file was a mess! So many developers had touched it over the years. There were heaps of old code from apps that no longer existed. It was causing serious performance issues.

It would have taken us hundreds of hours to untangle the mess we had found or, the client would have had to remake his website from scratch. It was that bad.

Luckily though, the store had Rewind installed and there was a backup! One of those developers had the good sense to install it for version control. We were able to revert the theme file back to its original state and work on some clean code.

This ultimately saved us time, it saved the client money and a ton of unnecessary headaches.

Helping themselves

Damiano says helping clients save time, money, and headaches is a driving principle for his team. By giving their clients the best experience possible, Damiano also ensures more future business for Startup Slang. As part of the Rewind Partnership Program, Startup Slang has freed up cycles for more projects.

“We spend less time on things that are frustrating or common issues clients might have. With that extra time, we cut down on troubleshooting, with virtually no stress for anyone. Everyone saves money and time. I’m grateful for the freedom Rewind has given me and my clients.

Rewind’s Agency Partner Program has allowed Startup Slang to build another revenue stream with every referral. On top of that, Rewind provides Agency Partners with a dedicated account manager to onboard clients, demonstrate Rewind, answer any questions, and offer support and resources for ongoing queries.

“Rewind is a no-brainer for my clients. It’s a necessary tool if you’re running an ecommerce business. My team would educate clients on backups and Rewind regardless of the program. The perks are a nice cherry on top.”

It’s a gap within ecommerce platforms, which Damiano has seen play out time and time again.

Damiano Reveenthiran

To optimize your earnings from the Agency Partner Program, Rewind also provides you with a “Learn to Earn Guide,” a 7-Day Email Course, and a library of resources for you to peruse at any time.

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