How to Prevent and Restore Deleted Shopify Products and Pages

Imagine you accidentally deleted data from your e-commerce website and couldn’t get it up and running for a day. Well, Rewind helps you backup and recover that data. Mike Potter, the co-founder, and CEO of Rewind chats with Dylan Kelley and discusses why you need to backup your Shopify store, how to make sure a Shopify app is safe to install (hint: they’re not all created equal), and lastly the cost of not having a backup.

If you have a problem in your store, a product is deleted, blogs are deleted an app goes in and causes some issue or a developer you are working with maliciously goes in and deletes all your products. You can’t call Shopify and have them recover that data for you, they’ll actually tell you that you should have had Rewind installed. So that’s sort of the difference between what we provide and what Shopify provides.

Mike Potter

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