Deleted Your Shopify Theme? Here’s How You Get It Back

by | Aug 10, 2016

Did you accidentally delete you shopify theme

Have you ever accidentally deleted a file and had a short panic attack? Then a split second later you remember you can just CTRL+Z or recover it from the Recycle Bin and everything goes right back to normal. This kind of panic is something than many apps and platforms online try to take into consideration when perfecting their services, and it’s to their benefit.

No one wants to feel like their hard work is lost, or time consuming adjustments are flushed down the toilet just because of an Internet connection error or a mistaken click. There are obviously reasons why sometimes this failsafe isn’t as safe as it should be, but with backups and the proper maintenance, these platforms give you a sense of security.

Most shopping site services have taken this into consideration. Shopify is not one of them.

Data Recovery with Shopify

Shopify is a great service, don’t get us wrong. It’s a great platform on which to host your ecommerce store, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t without its flaws. Not many users of Shopify realize that it’s extremely difficult to recover deleted Shopify themes, but there are a few helpful solutions and tips to make sure you don’t have to repeat any more processes than necessary.

In general, Shopify doesn’t offer any backup services, and what advice they do give is shoddy at best. According to one forum post, a Shopify user asks what they can do after they delete a post. A Shopify Expert comes in and states frankly: “the delete button does what it says and deletes them.”

This succinctly sums up the problem Shopify has with backups. While of course there are times when it is the fault of the user for not being careful or being precautious with their backups, Shopify doesn’t even put a backup system in place for major error or malfunction. In short, if it’s gone, it’s gone — and Shopify doesn’t seem to think fixing this situation is in the cards.

This is where Rewind comes in. We understand how painstaking it is to have to redo your entire ecommerce shop front over by hand, or how heartbreaking it is when you realize you accidentally hit one wrong button and all of your work has gone to waste.

The Rewind App for Shopify

When you install the Rewind app into your Shopify store, you open yourself up to a lot of safeguards and opportunities. Here are a few of the very important perks you’ll be receiving:

  • Automatic Backups — Here’s the meat of the solution. With Rewind, we automatically backup your store’s data. Then we store it in our protected Rewind Vault. As your store changes, we save this data through real time monitoring.
  • Security — Our app is totally secure. When we connect to Shopify, it’s secure. Our Rewind Vault is secure.
  • Easy Setup — We aren’t a difficult application to use. You install Rewind through the Shopify app store and you’re ready to go. You don’t even have to wait for your backups to start kicking in.
  • Full Backups — We don’t just save your layout. We take care of saving your customers, orders, products, product images and all of your theme data.
  • Flexible Restores — If you only want to restore a certain aspect of your site, that’s also possible. Your whole store or one setting — you have the power.

Don’t let yourself be caught with your virtual pants down. Rewind gives your Shopify security and it gives you peace of mind.

Get Rewind Backups for Shopify

For more information about Rewind, please head on over to rewind.com. Or, learn more about how to backup Shopifybackup BigCommerce, or backup QuickBooks Online.

Mike Potter
Mike Potter