Last updated January 2023

Rewind uses sub-processors to assist in providing our products and services. A sub-processor is a third-party data processor who, on behalf of Rewind, processes personal data.

All processing is in accordance with Rewind’s Terms of Service and Privacy Notice respectively. Prior to engaging any third-party sub-processor, we ensure they meet our requirements for security, privacy, confidentiality, and compliance with applicable data protection laws. We review all sub-processors regularly to ensure they still meet the original requirements and any additional requirements that may have arisen. Where applicable, Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC’s) are in place with sub-processors who transfer data between the EU and non-EU countries.

We will make updates to the sub-processor lists via this webpage. You can also subscribe to notifications at for when this list is updated. If you have questions about our sub-processors, please reach out to

The sub-processors on this list are engaged in Rewind business data processing and delivery and support our products:

Amazon Web ServicesHosting providerUSA, Europe (Ireland, Germany), CanadaRewind / Rewind backups for Github
DocusignElectronic AgreementsUSARewind
Google Cloud Platform (BigQuery)Data WarehouseCanada, USARewind / Rewind backups for Github
GadgetTechnical SupportCanadan, USARewind
GitHubComputer Programming Code Repository & ManagementUSARewind / Rewind backups for Github
HoneybadgerApplication MonitoringUSARewind / Rewind backups for Github
HubspotCustomer Relationship ManagementUSARewind / Rewind backups for Github
IntercomCustomer Relationship ManagementUSARewind backups for Github
New RelicApplication MonitoringUSARewind / Rewind backups for Github
SalesforceCustomer Relationship ManagementCanadaRewind
Segment (Twilio)Product AnalyticsUSARewind
Sendgrid (Twilio)Email Sending InfrastructureUSARewind
SlackInternal CommunicationsUSARewind / Rewind backups for Github
StripePayment collection and handlingUSARewind / Rewind backups for Github

If you are a candidate applying for work, Rewind may use the following sub-processors to process your application:

DocusignElectronic AgreementsUSA
LinkedIn RecruiterRecruitmentUSA
Smart RecruitersRecruiting and Human ResourcesUSA

Update Log:

19 January 2023