Q: Can I use a CSV file as a backup for Jira?


You could, but it isn’t very effective.

Some users are under the impression that having a CSV export is like creating a backup of their Jira account. It’s understandable why you might think that since Jira encourages using a CSV export as a backup. However, this is simply bad advice, and here’s why:

1. Jira doesn’t offer a dedicated import solution

It is not currently possible to import a CSV into Jira without using a third-party application. As a result, by importing data into Jira, you run the risk of doing more harm than good if even one column isn’t accurate. We always recommend making a backup before importing data in case something goes wrong.

2. You have to remember to regularly update your CSV

Everything about CSV files has to be done manually, including updating them. If you rely on CSV files as your backup, you will have to remember to update those files on a consistent basis. In some cases, even a week-old export might be too outdated to be used to recover after a problem.

3. CSV files don’t transfer images 

Images cannot be imported into CSV format. As a result, if you lose all of your attachments, you’re going to have to manually add them back, which would take hours or days of work.

You should think twice before deciding that CSV exports are a sufficient backup solution. Use Rewind to backup Jira and ensure that your information is fully protected and easily recoverable.

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Great, well how do I get started?

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